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The podcast “The State of: Women” on gender equality premieres

Population Media Center premiered this production that explores which states have the right gender equality and which ones lag behind.


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Hosted by Puerto Rican comedian and writer Gina Brillon, and African-American journalist Kimberly Brooks, this insightful new podcast on gender equality debuted on November 15 through a live party on its Facebook account and special interviews to Emerge’s President, A'shanti F. Gholar, and How Women Lead Founder and CEO Julie Castro Abrams.

Brillon noted:

Laughter is a powerful tool in driving change.

“The State of: Women” (TSOW), also produced with the support of Reasonable Volume, seeks to make a comparison between the US states to highlight those that promote the defense of women's rights with those that “fall short.”


This is how Spotify describes this podcast:

“Stand-up comedian Gina Brillon and TV host and correspondent Kimberly Brooks host The State of: Women (TSOW), a new 10-episode series airing every Tuesday starting November 15th. This podcast series explores how SOME of the 50 states champion women's rights while others DON'T. The series includes lively and solution-oriented conversation as the hosts share personal stories and examine the differences in gender equity state-by-state, illuminating inequalities in policy and practice and how to take action to drive change. Topics range from women in power to trans rights, workplace sexual harassment, reproductive freedom, and more. Kimberly and Gina break down which states meet women's needs the most, where the fight for equality is failing, and what needs to be done to achieve lasting gender equity. ‘The State of: Women’ is produced by Population Media Center (PMC), Clamor, and Reasonable Volume.”

The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, and anywhere podcasts are distributed.


“Kimberly and I hope this podcast will help people understand their state and country better, while also giving them a much-needed laugh,” added Brillon.

For her part, Brooks noted: “As a journalist (and human), it’s nearly impossible not to find yourself deep in the current of a negative news cycle. But it’s also important to focus on the ways we can take care of ourselves so we have the energy and clarity to help make change in our communities. This podcast does a great job of bridging reality with education and hope.”

"With the reversal of Roe, it has never been clearer that equity is out of reach for millions of women, especially women of color, and that our rights are an uneven patchwork, unfairly determined by where you live. Thanks to the incredibly talented duo of Gina and Kimberly, The State of: Women will inform and inspire listeners to take action so that the fight for equity can continue,” said Lisa Caruso, Population Media Center's Head of U.S. Content.

More about the hostesses

After beginning her television journey at Harpo Productions, Brooks produced on NBC, hosted on Fusion TV, and most recently was an anchor and correspondent for shows on ABC News, including "ABC News Live" and "Nightline Weekend." She graduated from Northwestern University and Columbia University in New York City, where she received her Master's in Journalism.

For her part, in 2012, Brillon became the first (and only) Latina to win NBC's Stand up for Diversity Showcase. The following year, she had a stellar performance at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival.

Along with Katherine G. Mendoza, she also offers advice on her podcast Mess In Progress: The Homegirls Guide to Self-Help, and most recently was the first Latina comedian to be a finalist on season 16 of America's Got Talent.

About Population Media Center

PMC is a global non-profit impact content producer that develops and produces original entertainment content for social and environmental good.

The production company became known in the US for creating Hulu’s hit TV series East Los High, which ran for 5 seasons and was nominated for 6 Emmy Awards, with an all-Latino cast and a diverse writers room.


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