We Love NYC billboard on Times Square.
The campaign was recently unveiled by Governor Kathy Hochul, NYC Mayor Eric Adams and other state leaders. Photo: We Love NYC.

New York unveils 'We Love NYC' to empower the U.S.'s biggest city

Beyond showing love, the campaign hopes to encourage civic engagement in New Yorkers.


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New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams recently joined business, labor and civic leaders from the city's five boroughs to unveil the new 'We Love NYC' campaign.

Showcasing the city's strengths, 'We Love NYC' is out to celebrate New Yorkers making a difference — "the doers" as they're called by the campaign. It will provide these New Yorkers and others the opportunity to get more involved in their communities and become leaders.

Hochul stated:

From its iconic views and vibrant arts and culture to its thriving businesses and world-class cuisine, New York City represents some of the best that our state has to offer.

The campaign

The campaign is led by marketing executive Maryam Banikarim, Andrew Lerner and the team at MaryamB, in collaboration with advertising agency Founders, Grain Group and Graham Clifford.

Building partnerships with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses to affirm that New York City is the safest, cleanest, and most exciting place to live and work, the advocacy themes focus on what New Yorkers can do to support the resurgence of the city and its neighborhoods after the pandemic.

“This We Love NYC campaign will help to capture that energy and preserve the city’s spirit by encouraging New Yorkers of every background to come together, get involved, and make a positive change in their community,” added Hochul.

Images from the campaign can be seen throughout the city. Photo: We Love NYC.
Images from the campaign can be seen throughout the city. Photo: We Love NYC.

Within the first eight weeks of the campaign:

  • Earth Week (the week of April 17) kicks off with NYC Parks — an ambitious expansion of support for the city's parks that hopes to engage a record number of New Yorkers in over 1 million hours of service to care for parks. The “green theme” will be marked by co-branding with the Broadway production Wicked.
  • Community cleanups across the five boroughs in partnership with the NYC Department of Sanitation.
  • Public engagement to vote for a favorite MTA Music Under New York performer in partnership with Shutterstock.
  • Neighborhood business promotions in partnership with the NYC Department of Small Business Services, including the opportunity to Shop Black and a competition to select the best menu items offered by New York City restaurants and caterers.
  • A campaign to Spread the Love through volunteer programs to help those in need, led by NYC Service and the nonprofit New York Cares.

“This city overcame the darkest days of the pandemic because of the selfless work of everyday New Yorkers, and if each of us gives just one hour a week in an act of service, the result will be transformative,” said Adams.

New Yorkers can engage at

'We Love NYC'

The 'We Love NYC' trademark is a registered adaptation of Milton Glaser's design for the 'I Love NY' campaign launched in 1977. Both marks are owned by the New York State Department of Economic Development.

“That is why I am proud to announce the launch of ‘We Love NYC,’ in partnership with Governor Hochul and the Partnership for New York City. The ‘We Love NYC’ campaign asks everyone who loves the greatest city in the world to show it by lending a helping hand and spreading that love to every block across all five boroughs,” said Adams. 

To learn about all the contributing partners, click here.


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