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Promotional image of the event in Santa Rosa, CA. Graphic: Business Wire.

First UndocuFund Summit to call for equitable disaster relief

The event is organized by different immigrant organizations in California.


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As California's peak wildfire season kicks off, UndocuFund, 805 UndocuFund, and The Latino Community Foundation (LCF) recently announced their collaboration to co-host the first-ever UndocuFund Summit.

This initiative, which becomes a unique opportunity for California immigrant organizations to explore long-term policies to reduce the vulnerability of undocumented communities to disasters caused by the climate crisis.

Beatrice Camacho, Director of UndocuFund in Sonoma County, stated:

Undocumented workers contribute billions to the economy, yet are excluded from federal disaster aid.

Summit for the Undocumented

Beginning last September 18 and running through September 20, the Summit brings together leaders from more than 30 grassroots immigrant-serving organizations across California to highlight the experiences of undocumented Californians around the state and the collective state and federal advocacy efforts that responded to the pandemic and other disasters.

Event organizers highlight how in 2021, more than 30 nonprofits and community organizations across California worked with philanthropy and the state to distribute more than $100 million in one-time emergency mutual aid cash to Undocumented Californians affected by COVID-19.

“Without a safety net, California’s undocumented essential workers have labored through wildfires and smoke, 110 plus degree heatwaves, and the pandemic. They were forced to risk their lives to keep food on the nation’s table during devastating disasters. Now it’s time for California to make them a priority,” added Camacho.

Undocumented Figures

According to figures shared by the organization, 27% of California's population is made up of 10.6 million immigrants (foreign-born individuals), where one in five children in the state are U.S. citizens living with at least one undocumented relative (1.7 million children in total).

“LCF is so proud to support and convene UndocuFunds across California. These organizations have inspired the nation to reject the idea that we can leave certain families behind when their homes are on fire. Sonoma UndocuFund was the first of its kind collective fund that inspired countless other efforts such as 805 UndocuFund and more across the nation to center the needs of undocumented workers and their families. Five years later, the compounding crises are still here, but together we are revolutionizing philanthropy,” noted Masha Chernyak, VP of Programs of the Latino Community Foundation.

For her part, María Melo, Executive Director of 805 UndocuFund, underscore: “It’s time to take action: disaster relief and recovery doesn’t begin for anyone until everyone is truly included.”

About the Latino Community Foundation

LCF has the largest network of Latino philanthropists in the country and has invested more than $25 million to build Latino political and civic power and leadership in the state.

It is the only statewide foundation focused solely on investing in Latino youth and families in California.

About UndocuFund

The UndocuFund was launched by a coalition of immigrant service providers and advocates to provide direct assistance to undocumented victims of the Northern California fires. The fund seeks to support undocumented children, families, and communities in Sonoma County affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 805 UndocuFund

805 UndocuFund is a Central Coast nonprofit organization that mobilizes resources when disaster strikes, provides short-term financial relief to undocumented residents, and advocates for long-term systems change to ensure immigrants are included in a meaningful and effective way in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


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