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Seeking the promotion of Latino talent at the corporate level. Photo: Pixabay.

Latinx Executive Alliance (LEA) presents its new advisory board

The country's top Latino executives work to promote Hispanic talent within U.S. companies.


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The premier coalition of business leaders recently announced the assignment of some of the nation's top executives, from a wide range of industries, to a new team dedicated to promoting more Latino business leaders to executive leadership positions at Fortune 1000 companies. 

Alberto “Beto” Casellas, CEO and Executive Vice President of Synchrony Health and Wellness and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the LEA, noted:

Together, we will create more diverse, innovative workforces by identifying, mentoring, upskilling and promoting the next generation of Latinx leaders.

Talent Promotion

According to information shared by the Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility (HACR), based on the 2020 U.S. Census, the Latino community is the fastest growing demographic group in the country, with 19% of the population, but they only represent about 4% of the top executives at large American companies.

Growing Organization

Seeking to expand its advisory group to more than 24 leaders, the coalition handpicked this set of renowned executives to shape the Alliance's long-term goals and programs, personally committing to mentor and sponsor coalition members.

“The Latinx Executive Alliance is committed to help increase Hispanic representation in executive roles in corporate America,” added Casellas.

Launched in 2021, LEA currently has more than 700 members on its LinkedIn profile.

Advisory council members include:

  • Esther Aguilera, CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)
  • Ana Chadwick, EVP and CFO, Pitney Bowes
  • Gilbert Dávila, Co-CEO, DMI Consulting
  • Delia Garced, Senior Director of Demand Generation, Waters Corporation
  • Margaret Lazo, Former CHRO, Univision Communications
  • Angel G. Maroto, CEO and General Manager, Trappit U.S.
  • Martha Poulter, CIO, Royal Caribbean Group
  • Damian Rivera, CEO, Association of Latin Professionals For America (ALPFA)
  • Carina Rodriguez, Chief Commercial Officer, Sono Bello
  • Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Founder and President, DRR Advisors
  • Elizabeth Scarpelli, Managing Director, Global Head of Enterprise Wide Functions Compliance, BNY Mellon
  • Maria Smith, VP of Payments and Financial Services, Walgreens 
  • Oscar Villalonga, President and CEO, Coface North America
  • Beto Casellas, Chief Executive Officer and EVP, Synchrony Health and Wellness, Board Chair of LEA
  • DJ Casto, Executive Sponsor of LEA, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Synchrony
  • Michael Matthews, Executive Sponsor of LEA, SVP and Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Responsibility Officer, Synchrony

The Mentoring Group offers an interactive platform to discuss skills development, talent retention, and mentoring. In addition, a webinar will be held on October 4 on supporting next generation Latino leaders through sponsorship.


"There is significant power when people, companies, and nonprofits come together with a focus on empowering a community. That's what I love about the Latinx Executive Alliance. Everyone is focused first on how our collective resources and efforts can come together for greater impact,” said Damian Rivera, CEO of ALPFA and a member of the advisory board.

Ana Chadwick, CFO of Pitney Bowes and a member of the advistory board, stated: “Now is the time to support Latinx professionals with the development and growth opportunities critical to their career success. Latinx Executive Alliance welcomes executives—Hispanic and non-Hispanics alike—to be part of our efforts to advance more Latinx talent to executive leadership roles.”

“One way to accelerate the growth of the Hispanic presence in top corporate roles in the U.S. is by providing a forum like Latinx Executive Alliance where we can offer network and mentor opportunities and facilitate the promotion of the Hispanic talent,” noted Angel G. Maroto, CEO and General Manager of Trappit U.S. and LEA advisory board member.

For her part, Maria Smith, Vice President of Payments and Financial Services at Walgreens and LEA advisory board member, highlighted: “With nearly 9,000 stores nationwide, Walgreens is uniquely positioned to help support the health, wellness and financial well-being of the communities we serve. It's important that we ensure the diversity of communities is reflected in leadership in order to offer inclusive and welcoming environments for all.  At Walgreens, when our leaders reflect the diversity of our customers and patients, we're able to better anticipate, provide access and meet their healthcare needs.”


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