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T-Mobile will be the provider of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) until 2032

It seeks to expand health care for this community throughout the United States.


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Through this new agreement, the Un-carrier will install nearly 50,000 mobile lines for health professionals who work with the VA, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and crisis call center personnel, so they can stay connected with the millions of veterans they serve.

Callie Field, president of T-Mobile Business Group, noted:

ET-Mobile is honored to continue our work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, demonstrating our shared commitment to the brave men and women who have served, or are serving, our country.

The contract also includes T-Mobile 5G Internet access (with fixed wireless access) for broadband at VA's Community Outpatient Clinics (or CBOCs), which provides primary medical and behavioral health care in rural areas.

Strengthening its Commitment

With the VA operating the nation's largest integrated health care system and providing access to health services to millions of veterans, T-Mobile's new commitment to expanding its care will directly benefit health care providers and the support staff from all VA hospitals, as well as government and business organizations that work with them.

T-Mobile stresses that as the VA's primary wireless service provider it will become the link between VA health care providers and veterans, enabling essential medical support such as telehealth visits and remote patient monitoring.

Telehealth visits are utilized by one-third of all veterans who rely on the VA for medical care. And connected medical devices, such as remote patient monitors, aid in treating, monitoring, and diagnosing certain conditions,” stresses T-Mobile.

The Un-carrier has worked alongside the VA since 2018 to keep millions of veterans connected to healthcare resources.

In a nearby project, T-Mobile and the VA will continue to collaborate together to implement emerging technologies, such as a custom T-Mobile 5G network installation for the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System.

The world of healthcare, and frankly, 5G, is evolving tremendously in the next decade, so we’re thrilled to be on this journey to innovate alongside the VA,” added Field.

To learn more about T-Mobile and its commitment to supporting veterans, click here.


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