Fabiola Lara
Fabiola Lara first unveiled her VOTE stickers on Instagram back in May. Photo: Instagram- @fabiolitadraws

The Philly-based Latina artist whose VOTE stickers are telling the story of the midterms on Instagram

Fabiola Lara’s designs were unveiled back in May and are now the official midterm stickers on the platform for one of the most important elections of our time.


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If you’ve used Instagram and one of its many sticker options on a story to let everyone know you voted today, Nov. 8, in the midterm elections, it’s possible you used a design created by Fabiola Lara.

Lara, a Philly-based, Chilean-American multi-platform illustrator announced her revelation of the platform featuring her designs earlier today on Twitter.

“I once had a professor tell me it wasn’t really worth it to post illustrated GIFs in my portfolio,” she first wrote in her post, “but today my VOTE stickers are the official midterm voting stickers on Instagram.”

The post also featured two screenshots of prominent figures using the stickers — one from American model Ella Emhoff and another U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Sorry but I won’t shut up about this yet!!!” Lara followed up in another tweet.

The sticker designs go back to May 7, when Lara first unveiled the designs in an Instagram post. They were first available for usage during the 2022 primary elections. 

In addition to the English versions of the stickers that appeared on the stories of Emhoff and Ocasio-Cortez, there are also Spanish versions of the same designs that feature prominently on Election Day.

When describing the designs in her May 7 Instagram post, Lara said she conceived them “using a mixture of traditional and digital materials to make sure they still have character, but are slick/sharp enough for digital use.”

AL DÍA first highlighted the stickers as part of a larger profile it did of Lara back on June 22.

In addition to her background in illustration and graphic design, which saw Lara go to Barcelona for a master’s degree in 2019 before returning to Philadelphia, the story also detailed her podcast [Draws in Spanish].

The pod, which was highlighted by Spotify as one of the best on its platform, features conversations between Lara and other fellow Latinx creatives from across the U.S. Over the course of the conversations, listeners get to hear not only the individual journeys of the featured artist, but how their Latinx culture or experience influences their work.

Season one of [Draws in Spanish] ran for 18 episodes that lasted anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour long. Season two premiered on Sept. 20 with an interview of Salvadoran illustrator and tattoo artist So Lazo and currently has four episodes.

As we wait for another episode of the pod to drop, be sure to get out and vote and let the world know with one of Lara’s stickers on Instagram.


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