Officers of LULAC's board.
Photo Courtesy of LULAC.

League of United Latin American Citizens split on leadership, but seeks to remain united

Following the impeachment of several national board officers, LULAC seeks to resolve divisions and combat misinformation about leadership.


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Following the discovery of misconduct, five national board officers of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have been removed and impeached from their positions this past weekend, with one officer being expelled from the organization.

In a press release on Oct. 22, 2022, LULAC announced not only their dismissal from the organization, but that they had formed a rogue faction from LULAC that is spreading misinformation of LULAC’s current leadership.

"We want to report that we have come out united, committed, and stronger than ever with one voice that includes elected LULAC representatives from all corners of the country," said Domingo Garcia, LULAC National President.

The following board officers were removed from their positions:

  • Ralina Cardona – National Vice-President for the Northeast – Removed and impeached
  • Elsie Valdes-Ramos – National Vice-President for Women – Removed and impeached
  • Ivonne Quiñones – National Vice-President for the Southeast – Removed and impeached
  • Andres Rodriguez – National Vice-President for Young Adults – Removed and impeached
  • Pablo Martinez – National Treasurer – Removed, impeached, and expelled.

Among these board members, LULAC announced the removals of Linda Chavez, Southwest National Vice President, due to ineligibility to serve in accordance with constitutional requirements, and the termination of Sindy Benavides’ contract as CEO.

"Our eyes are on our work ahead, and we are committed to working together on the urgent needs facing our people," said Garcia in a statement. 

"We will not be distracted by bogus claims from a makeshift, tiny group of individuals falsely claiming the LULAC shield and banner. These people were removed and impeached for violating the LULAC constitution, guiding our organization for 93 years. They do not represent LULAC, now or in the future," he added.

However, on the official LULAC Twitter, it was released in a statement that LULAC had replaced National President/Chair Domingo Garcia with former National President and current Vice Chair Roger Rocha, and the naming of Ralina Cardona, LULAC Vice President of the Northeast, as the new National President.

In addition to this, the tweet claimed that the LULAC website had been compromised and was no longer under LULAC control and was currently releasing false information.

The tweet also reaffirmed that Sindy Benavides was to remain as CEO.

Roger Rocha’s response to this tweet was released through the LULAC website, where he contradicted the tweet in a statement:

"Fellow LULAC members and friends, I was notified this afternoon that I was elected the Chair of the LULAC National Institute (LNI); however, the position I hold within the LNI is its Vice Chairman. There is only one LULAC National Institute (LNI), and that is the one that is officially recognized by the LULAC National Board (LNO). The Chairman of the LNI is Mr. Domingo Garcia, and as such, the rest of the LNI Board members and I work with him for the betterment of our community."

As of the press release, impeachment charges against National President and Chair Domingo Garcia have been dismissed, according to the LULAC press release.

LULAC is the largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights group in the United States, seeking to improve the lives of Hispanics across the country.


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