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Recognizing the leaders who redefine the role of Chief Information Officer. Photo: Pixabay.

Three Latinos say present in Forbes' CIO Next List 2022

This is the second annual list of the renowned publication in which the best CIOs in the United States are distinguished.


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Forbes magazine presented its list of the 50 most influential technology leaders in the United States, which have helped companies benefit from the knowledge that artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are revealing.

These celebrated Chief Innovation Officers who co-create products and services that meet customer needs and tastes, thus generating new revenue, are also infrastructure developers who align cloud computing and advanced software tools with the business objectives of each company.

“Some of our honorees work for tech behemoths while others are in smaller entrepreneurial businesses in sectors such as healthcare and real estate. Some work for multinational companies while others are employed by ones focused on the U.S. What they all have in common is a passion for using technology to help shape the future of business,” it is pointed out by Forbes.

Selection for this list, which is not a ranking, is made based on qualitative research conducted by Forbes editors and submissions from executives who responded to calls for nominations, drawing on the insights of consultants, academics, recruiters, and other experts who closely follow this community of professionals.

Those chosen are executive professionals whose influence extends far beyond technology itself, highlighting qualities that make them successful and influential in their fields.

“They care a great deal about diversity, launching programs to recruit and retain diverse tech staff, becoming executive sponsors of employee support groups and backing industry-wide initiatives to broaden tech’s talent pool. They also care about sustainability, finding creative ways to use technology and data to cut carbon emissions from data centers and other sources,” highlighted Forbes.

Among those selected, three Hispanic executives stand out who set the standard and continue to open corporate doors to more Latino professionals:

Susan Doniz

  • Position: CIO & Senior Vice President of Information Technology & Data Analytics
  • Company: Boeing

Doniz, who joined Australian airline Qantas in 2020, has excelled at the aircraft manufacturer thanks to her management of outsourcing much of Boeing's IT infrastructure.

Thanks to this initiative, a significant percentage of the technology staff was released to support the growth process of this company, which reported a total revenue of $62.3 billion last year.

Lidia Fonseca

  • Position: Chief Digital & Technology Officer
  • Company: Pfizer

Thanks to the efforts of Fonseca and her team within this pharmaceutical giant, the speed with which the COVID-19 pandemic has been responded to has been decisive in preventing more deaths worldwide.

Through the use of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as cloud-based supercomputing tools, Pfizer has been able to accelerate not only the development of its vaccine, but also that of its oral antiviral drug Paxlovid.

The company's revenue last year reached $81.3 billion thanks to Fonseca.

Javier Polit

  • Position: SVP, Mondelēz Digital Services & CIO
  • Company: Mondelēz International

After spending several years as CIO at P&G, Javier Polit joined in 2020 Mondelēz International, a Nasdaq-listed Chicago-based multinational confectionery, food, holding, and beverage and snack company.

Thanks to his strategy, which is based on the use of multiple computing clouds and the implementation of a system that converts sales prospects into actual customers, Polit is the architect of savings of more than $85 million in the snack giant, which translated into an 8% increase in the company's revenue last year.

“The unexpected opportunity to demonstrate to colleagues and investors what a digital-first world can look like has propelled CIOs to the epicenter of decision-making on everything from how to manage hybrid work to how to tap into the metaverse and other virtual ways of connecting with customers,” underlined Forbes.


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