Electric vehicle charging area.
The number of charging stations in the country continues to grow. Photo: @ElectrifyAm.

Electrify America provides $1.6 million for national STEM programs

Electrify America will invest in initiatives to build the electric vehicle workforce.


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In the recent announcement, Electrify America said it will award five organizations with funding to develop and launch educational and vocational training modules around electric vehicles for current and future k-12 and community college students and workers across the country.

Electrify America will promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) development programs, promoting the training of the workforce to mass produce the zero emission vehicle (ZEV), and its technology and infrastructure.

Gabriela Gugiu, senior Corporate Social Responsibility specialist at Electrify America, noted:

Investing in STEM education and workforce development is essential to ensure we have the talent needed to drive the electric vehicle revolution.

Who got funding?

The funding recipients are:

  1. ACTERRA: Action for a healthy planet
  2. Ecological action
  3. Eve noir
  4. Sinclair Community College
  5. Clean valley air now

In addition to addressing the need to educate students and the workforce about electric vehicles, the programs will provide on-the-job vocational training.

“The initiative is part of Electrify America's ongoing efforts to support electric vehicle (EV) education and awareness in the United States, as well as support the critical need for a future EV workforce to continue fueling the transition to electric transport,” highlighted the company.

Electrify America vehicle charging station in Arizona. Photo: @ElectrifyAm.
Electrify America vehicle charging station in Arizona. Photo: @ElectrifyAm.

Tomorrow's workforce

Among the professionals targeted by the program are as follows:

  • Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Battery technicians
  • Energy management specialists
  • Construction managers

“The future of transportation is electric, and we want to ensure that our youth and workforce of today and tomorrow have the education and training necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing industry,” added Gugiu.

This new funding is part of an investment of more than $9 million that has been advanced since 2018 with numerous community and diversity-focused organizations in low-income communities and rural areas of California, and an additional $1.4 million in 2022 only for ongoing nationwide sponsorships for Events supporting EV education, access, travel, and additional educational marketing.

"Investment in community organizations across the United States continues to be a strong component of the company's broader commitment to educate all Americans about the benefits of driving electric," underlined the company.

The five organizations that receive funds from Electrify America will develop programs for students and workers in California and nationally.


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