"It wasn't my fault" a new show about gender violence.
No fue mi culpa is a new show about gender violence. Graphic: No fue mi culpa: México/Star+

‘No fue mi culpa’: Femicides and gender violence on the small screen

A production by Mexican women will have them tell their true stories about gender violence and femicides.


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Sometimes reality surpasses fiction, and many artists find inspiration to create and denounce situations. They use art as a channel to portray a painful and difficult reality to face. No fue mi culpa: México, a new Star+ series, is a clear example of that. 

Set in Mexico, the series shows different cases of femicide and gender violence based on real-life stories, allowing the viewer to reflect. It presents the pain, anger and strength that emerges from women who have to go out to defend themselves in a country that does not know how (or does not want) to deal with the situation. 

No fue mi culpa follows the plight of Mariana and her sister Lily, a little girl who mysteriously disappears. Mariana does everything she can to get Lily's case in the media so that it can be solved. At the same time, a new victim of femicide and gender violence appears in each episode. 

Directed by Lucía Gaja, Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos and Julia Rivero, No fue mi culpa is a series created by women from their point of view and how everything affects them, as if gender violence and femicides were not a problem of a deeply-damaged society. 

The scripts by Alicia Flores, Ana María Parra Vázquez, Emilia Salde and Dariela Pérez, show stories of women of different ages, origins and social classes who are involved in a problem rooted in the legitimacy of misogyny.

The series confronts us with abusive relationships, physical and psychological violence, harassment, and threats, and at the same time, shows sorority, since, in the face of society's lack of empathy, the women will have to listen to and help each other.

No fue mi culpa has ten 45-minute episodes, and although it premiered on Sept. 17 on Star+, in less than a month, it has become one of the most relevant shows that best reflects the social problems that resonate most in society.


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