The Colombian singer Farina will star in "Flow Calle". Credits: Caption - Trailer Flow Calle
Colombian singer Farina will star in 'Flow Calle.' Photo: Trailer- 'Flow Calle'

Farina’s movie debut

The Colombian singer will star in 'Flow Calle,' an urban-musical movie that is expected to premiere in the U.S. in April.


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Colombian singer Farina is getting her big screen breakthrough in the movie Flow Calle.

She will play the character Yiselle, a young Dominican who grew up in a working-class neighborhood in Santo Domingo. Daughter of a Dominican and a Colombian, at her young age, Yiselle had a crystal clear dream: to become a music star.

To achieve her goal, Yiselle will have to face many obstacles, including serious family problems, but she won't give up. Yiselle never feels alone thanks to her close friend Lia, who always makes her feel accompanied and supported. Lia is always there even though the music industry is an unknown sector for her. 

Throughout the movie, the young woman learns that the competition is fierce, but trusts that her innate talent and the guidance of her mentor will help her to stand out.

The film, which aims to become a hit of the urban-musical genre in 2022, portrays a reality lived in many marginal areas in the Dominican Republic and  other Latin American countries, where young talents, facing the lack of opportunities and multiple adversities, are forced to give up their dreams. 

Farina's debut

The leading role in the movie Flow Calle will be the debut for the 34-year-old Colombian singer and dancer. Best-known in the music industry for her hits "Trakatá," "Mucho pa ti," "Las nenas," Farina mixes trap, rap, pop, reggae, and folklore styles in her songs. 

Her first acting role represented such a big challenge for her, as she mentioned on social media.

“I have poured my heart into this project and I am in love with all these people who are part of it,” she wrote in a post on Instagram. 

Besides her debut in cinema — much awaited by fans — Farina is preparing a tour that will take her to the Vibra Urbana Music Fest in Las Vegas on May 1.

U.S. premiere

The cast of Flow Calle is made up of the Colombian actor Lincoln Palomeque — known for his performance in Hasta que la plata nos separe — Zion, Yandel, Lenny Tavarez, Brea Frank, Mozart La Para, and others.

The movie is directed by Frank Perozo and produced by Caribbean Films. The film's shooting took place at different locations in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic; and will be released in both countries on March 24, 2022. The premiere in the United States is scheduled for April 22.


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