El director mexicano Alfonso Cuarón. Foto de Instagram.
Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. Photo: Instagram

Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón turns 60

Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón turned 60 over the weekend and celebrated his achievements in the film industry. 


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At the age of 60, Alfonso Cuarón has become an icon in the Mexican and Latin American film industry. His films have achieved great success both commercially and personally. He became the first Mexican director to win an Oscar after a career that moved between commercial films with commissioned stories and his own stories that allowed him to develop his personal voice as a filmmaker.

Cuarón took home the Oscar for 'Best Director' in 2013 for Gravity and repeated in 2019 with Roma. After both achievements, it seems a more relaxed and creative path awaits the director, producer and screenwriter.

"If the measure of people is the Oscar, with Gravity (2013) Cuarón achieves it at the level of North American cinema, but if you see it in a more artistic context and as a formal and personal director, with Roma he also fulfills it. I think he is now at his best," said film critic, Silvestre López Portillo, in an interview with EFE

Cuarón had already attracted attention and made a name for himself in Mexican and international cinema in 2001 with Y tu mamá también starring the duo Diego Luna and Gael García along with Maribel Verdú. Although he later continued with his work, this film is still considered one of his best works.

A philosopher by profession from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, he did not give up his passion for cinema, and sought a major at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC), although he later dropped out of school.

Cuarón's stamp is repeated throughout his filmography with his exploration with the camera and the clear and marked social interest that are captured in his narratives. After his long career, Cuarón's future seems relaxed and experimental for his work.

"He is in a moment in which he is giving himself the luxury of taking his time, of being more creative, but I think the only thing he could be missing now is to win a Palme at Cannes. Maybe he'll go back to the kind of cinema where he doesn't have to prove he's a great storyteller," said López-Portillo.


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