Former Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra.
Leaked WhatsApp messages between former Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra and alleged lover Zully Pinchi make up the lyrics of the global hit, "Mi bebito fiu fiu." Photo: Luka Gonzalez/AFP via Getty Images.

“Mi bebito fiu fiu,” how Peru’s presidential affair scandal became a meme song sweeping the world

Leaked messages between ex-President Martín Vizcarra and a former congressional candidate were turned into a song that has swept Spotify, TikTok and the world.


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Peruvian producer Alberto Silva Reyes, more commonly known as Tito Silva, has made it a habit of late in his music career to poke fun at political leaders in his country. Current Peruvian President Pedro Castillo and center-right politician César Acuña are just two leaders to face parody, but Silva’s latest creation is definitely his greatest and by far the most popular.

Its subject is former Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra, who was alleged to be having an affair with former congressional candidate, lawyer and poet Zully Pinchi by the TV news program Panorama in May 2022.

Part of the allegations included a leaked WhatsApp chat between the two, with Pinchi telling the former president “eres mi bebito… eres mi rey” (“you are my baby boy… you are my king”). Vizcarra responded with a selfie followed by the phrase “fiu fiu,” which signifies a whistle directed at a lover.

What did Silva do with all these leaked WhatsApp conversations between the ex-president and his alleged lover? He used all of them to create the newest global hit of the Summer, “Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu.”

The song makes the correspondence between the two alleged lovers into its lyrics, and sets them to the iconic track behind Dido’s “Thank You,” which also later served to make the chorus of Eminem’s “Stan” a memorable one.

While Silva was the mastermind behind the production, the vocal performance was nailed by Tefi C, a colleague of his who also serves as the social media manager and marketer for his small label, Tito Silva Music. She also plays the protagonist of the accompanying music video for the song, where she searches for love with Vizcarra.

The chorus goes like this: 

"Caramelo de chocolate, empápame así,

Como un pionono de vitrina, enróllame así,

Con azúcar en polvo endúlzame, y es que tú eres mi rey,

Qué lindo eres tú,

Eres mi bebé, mi bebito fiu fiu,"

While a catchy tune on the whole, it’s the last line that has catapulted the song to the world stage.

Seventeen days after Silva uploaded the song to his YouTube channel, the song hit the stratosphere on TikTok, as millions of users recited its chorus in their own renditions. 

In the Latin music world, mega star Bad Bunny recited it on Instagram Live.

Corporate entities also hopped on the meme train, as streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max all used the now-famed “Mi bebito fiu fiu” line to promote shows.

On Spotify, the song hit the top of the streaming platform’s Viral 50 tracks before being removed. 

The original video uploaded by Silva has also been removed from his YouTube, but many lyric videos that remain up have hundreds of thousands and millions of views among them.

In response to the affair allegations back in May, both Vizcarra and Pinchi denied any romantic involvement.

"For me, the most important thing is my family, which I formed with my wife whom I love and with whom I want to live until the last of my days," Vizcarra said.

That line is also included in Silva’s song.


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