Maluma and Madonna are the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Photo: Instagram
Maluma and Madonna on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Photo: Instagram

Maluma and Madonna grace the cover of Rolling Stone

The Colombian singer and the queen of pop took part in the publication's 'Musicians on Musicians' special.


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Maluma and Madonna have teamed up again for a collaboration with Rolling Stone magazine, in which they are the protagonists of this month's cover for the special 'Musicians on musicians.' 

The interview begins with Maluma asking Madonna: "How does it feel to do an interview at 1:00 in the morning?" To which she replies that it's normal for her to be awake at that time of the night.

The singer even confesses that she usually goes to bed at 4 a.m.

"I have a theory that people who were born at noon are more awake during the day," she said. 

In the interview, Maluma said he is used to getting up at 6 a.m. and going to sleep at 9 p.m.

After the photoshoot, the singer of 'Hawái' said the things that inspire him are his family, his country, his roots and his life.

"I remember when I was like 12 years old and all these dreams started. I just wanted to be a singer," he said.

In the interview, the Colombian also spoke of Madonna's influence on his own career.

"She changed my vision in many ways," he told her. "I'm still young and I'm still learning a lot of things in this industry and in my career, but for sure it was something important to have more confidence in myself."

The two stars first teamed up two years ago to record "Medellin," a song from Madonna's 2019 album, MadameX, and a lot has happened since then: new projects, new inspirations, new music. Madonna also shared her approach to her MadameX concert film, which she released on Oct. 8, while Maluma talked about his releases, Papi Juancho and 7 Días en Jamaica.

When Maluma and Madonna teamed up to perform the song "Medellin," many fans reacted excitedly to the single. With this new reunion, his fans suspect a new collaboration is in the works.


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