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Haviah Mighty. Photo: Yung Yemi

Haviah Mighty and Mala Rodriguez's latest single, "Flamenco"

The collaboration between Haviah Mighty and Grammy-winner Mala Rodriguez will be released in the Fall.


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A week ago, Haviah Mighty and Grammy-winner Mala Rodriguez announced through social media the release of "Flamenco", a collaborative track from their highly-anticipated mixtape, Stock Exchange.

The song has an upbeat character and faithfully represents the sensual, powerful and striking energy of the genre of the same name — perfected by the authenticity and style of the Spanish rapper.


"With this track I wanted to try something different! Inspired by the cultural influences of flamenco, this song allowed me to be a guest in a new genre. Mala Rodriguez was the one who put the accent on this album: her verses added authenticity, sensuality and dynamism. She has a great voice and a great message, and with her Spanish roots, I felt she spoke to the energy of the song more directly than I could. It's a feel-good song, intended to resonate on a dance floor, with the bass throbbing as hard as the sweat on your forehead when you bust a move. This song is literally a vibe."  

Mighty was the first hip-hop artist and Black woman to win the Polaris Music Prize for her album, 13th Floor, in 2019. Her project stands out for the different sonic influences in her songs, which navigate classic rap/hip-hop elements to Caribbean beats and electronica, while addressing topics such as marginalization, racism, the Atlantic slave trade, loneliness, self-esteem and much more.

This time, Mighty crosses borders by teaming up with Andalusian rapper Mala Rodriguez, and together with producer Taabu, whom she has worked before on the track "Wishy Washy," where they dialogue between reggae, hip-hop, flamenco and dancehall.

The Stock Exchange mixtape includes collaborations with artists from around the world like the UK's Yizzy, U.S. rappers Jalen Santoy ("Way Too Fast"), Old Man Saxon ("Antisocial"), Toronto artists TOBi ("Good On My Own Tonight"), Grandtheft ("Avocado"), and now,Spain's Mala Rodriguez ("Flamenco"). 

Mighty returned to the stage last month at festivals in Ontario and Quebec, and is set to continue performing with Arkells, Shad and Skratch Bastid.  


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