Camilo will release a new album this september
Camilo will release a new album this september. Photo: Getty Images

Camilo premieres "Nasa", his collaboration with Alejandro Sanz

In a 2022 full of premieres and concerts, this will be the second single of his imminent album “De adentro pa fuera”


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Camilo is constantly on the news, for better or for worse. Recently, he was diagnosed with coronavirus, but fortunately it only meant confinement and a delay on his agenda. After the success of his single “Pegao”, a love song for his baby and his family, the Colombian singer landed in Spain to advance a premiere of the highest level. It is "Nasa", a song featuring Alejandro Sanz.

In a 2022 full of premieres and concerts, this will be the second single of his imminent album “De adentro pa fuera”. With this announcement, he fulfills the promise he made on social networks a few weeks ago, where he already warned of a new advance. For now, he only released a short preview on his Instagram account, where both singers appear singing a romantic song together before a bonfire on a beach.

Camilo explained that the arrival in the world of Íñigo, his first son, also meant “the arrival of the best songs I have written in my life. After this revelation, it will be the turn of "Naturaleza" in July, and "Alaska" in August. He will also publish "El primer tour de mi vida", a documentary where he will show life behind the scenes during his tours.

In an appearance on the popular television program "El Hormiguero", he clarified how the friendship with Sanz happened and the idea of ​​launching a joint song. “When I was here last time, you lent me a very cool guitar that belonged to Alejandro Sanz. Surely he saw the program and his manager must have contacted mine. He is a friend of my father-in-law and of the family, but we had never matched”, he began.


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Later, Sanz himself sent Camilio a guitar, and even appeared at his last concert in Madrid together with the rest of his family. There they began to discuss a possible collaboration. "In the end we became very good friends and we recorded a song together," Camilo concluded.

In his Instagram account, the Colombian celebrated the imminent release of "Nasa". Along with the emoticon of a heart and tagging his friend Alejandro Sanz, he said that "it is another proof that dreams come true." The full song will be available on June 16.

At least, he delighted his followers with the chorus of the song: “Sorry for thinking about things that are not. It's that before you they turned my heart into shit. That's why I apologize, none of this is your fault, I don't want our future, my past to destroy it. I would like to have a button on my chest, to erase the memory of my heart”.

His long-awaited album “De adentro pa fuera” still has no release date, although it is expected to be in September. For now, the total number of songs it will contain is not known.

In addition to the new song, Camilo announced new dates for his tour of Spain. On June 12 he will start performing in Pamplona, ​​and then he will continue to Seville, Córdoba, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria, Zaragoza, Roquetas de Mar, Murcia, Valencia, Mallorca, A Coruña, Bilbao, Chiclana de la Frontera and Marbella.


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