After a year of marriage the couple announces the pregnancy of their first baby. Photo: Capture from 'Índigo' music video
After a year of marriage, the couple announced the pregnancy with their first baby. Photo: Capture from 'Índigo' music video

Camilo and Evaluna announce their pregnancy with new song

With the video for 'Índigo,' the young couple announced they are expecting their first baby.


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On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 13, Camilo and Evaluna surprised their followers with their latest release "Índigo," where they showed scenes of them giving the news to their family members of their first pregnancy.
The couple kept the news a secret for a long time and created a whole campaign on social media around the track, with short, eye-catching videos using the song's chorus. 
"Hello, we are Camilo and Evaluna. And in October there's new music," the two wrote on their Instagram accounts next to a video where they appear testing different music equipment.
While the clip plays, you can hear excerpts of what would be their new song, with lyrics that talk about how the love of their life has arrived in both their voices.
"Because he came into my life, the love of my life, I only asked for the one above but with you he went too far," sounds the chorus.
Fans of the couple kept an eye on the release, taking the video to one million views in the first two hours after its premiere. In the video, one can see how Camilo caresses his wife's stomach and cries with joy when Evaluna shows him the positive pregnancy test.
The great news is announced by Evaluna when she sings: "Contigo ya no hay martes 13, prepara el cachete pa’ que te lo bese. Y es que lo bueno toma tiempo a veces, yo tuve que esperarte nueve meses" ("Good things take time sometimes, I had to wait nine months for you").
At the end of the phrase, the screen shows Camilo giving her a kiss on the belly, followed by several real time reactions from family members when they got the news.

"Glory to God. TRIBUUU ARE GOING TO BE TIIIOOOOOSSS. The most beautiful news in the world. And joy is never complete until you share it with the people you love! With you. With LA TRIBU," the singer wrote in the video's comment section on YouTube.

"Índigo" was written by Camilo and his collaborator Édgar Barrera. The song is a retro-pop celebration of love, anticipation and the beginning of a new journey for the couple.
Like their previous videos "Por Primera Vez," "Favorito" and "Vida de Rico," "Índigo" is an intimate look at their relationship and the big news they shared with La Tribu.

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