Beast Mode Latin. FOTOGRAFÍA: Spotify
Beast Mode Latin. Photo: Spotify

Bad Bunny releases a playlist to train and motivate after his WWE victory

Bad Bunny released a curated playlist after his weekend victory for Puerto Rico and his fans.


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To win fights you first have to train like a beast.

That seems to be the lesson that San Benito bequeaths after the intense weekend at WrestleMania 37 in the form of a playlist of Latin talent with rhythms designed to train, to find willpower while doing some cardio or to keep us from getting discouraged.

Bad Bunny teamed up with Spotify to curate the Beast Mode Latin playlist, the Latin-focused playlist that already served as an accompaniment to intense activities, turning up the amps and heating it up.

The alliance between the streaming music giant and the Puerto Rican singer seemed a step further among their collaborations, as Bad Bunny was their artist with the most global listens in 2020 with more than 46 million monthly listeners.

The list, which is now available, now includes many more Latin trap tracks, classic heavy rock songs like those by Motorhead or Mötley Crüe or undisputed great tracks like "Los Bo" by Myke Towers and Jhay Cortez. In total nineteen songs to get the heart out of our mouths while we become fighters of our own daily life enlightened by San Benito.

A fierce romance

The history of alliances between the WWE and the famous king of perreo begins much earlier, when wrestlers populated his childhood and adolescent imaginary. But we will have to specify these projections in the theme that at the beginning of the year published in the album El Último Tour del Mundo, dedicated to the iconic wrestler and now commentator Booker T.

In January he released the theme that he also performed at the Royal Rumble and since then Bad Bunny has continued to be linked to the battles, in part thanks to his friend inside and outside the WWE, Damian Priest.

In this short time, Bad Bunny made quick rivalries with other wrestlers like Elias (Jeffrey Sciullo) or The Miz, the first of them linked to a musical collaboration to which he finally didn't agree with the wrestler who is also a Puerto Rican singer.

This Saturday they cleared some unknowns by facing in pairs with Damian Priest against Morrison and The Miz, finally triumphing with a definitive move. But the moral victory was even more absolute when they dedicated the victory to Puerto Rico, whose fans, after years of hard work, were asking for a little national pride.

The crowd erupted in euphoria as Bad Bunny reminded the crowd that he belongs to a new generation that wants to change colonial relations — and that's why he doesn't stop training hard.


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