Villano Antillano recorded the "BZRP Session #51"
Villano Antillano recorded the "BZRP Session #51." Photo: Instagram- Bizarrap

Villanto Antillano rises to fame with Bizarrap session

Antillano is a singer who wants to give a voice to the LGTBIQ+ community


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In a recent Instagram post, the Argentine producer Bizarrap celebrated a new achievement. Posting a photo alongside Villano Antillano, his latest 'muse,' he announced his 51st session had surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. In a matter of a few hours, video received 2.5 million more views. Once again, 'Biza' and his production room are the world leaders of international urban music.

The famous producer, who is currently on a tour of performances in Spain, composes melodies for artists of different genres and popularity. In addition to producing hits for stars like Residente and Nathy Peluso, the Argentinian also likes to support new talents and help them grow. This was the case for “BZRP Session #51,” where he offered his studio to Villano Antillano, who was still unknown to the average urban music fan.

Antillano is a singer who wants to give a voice to the LGBTQ+ community. The transgender artist took advantage of the Bizarrap platform to release a protest song with a frenetic rhythm. The verses intertwine at high speed, and she uses street slang with high doses of satire and irony.

“Dale Biza, exploit the track for me,” says the singer.

Antillano met the producer from Buenos Aires through Bad Bunny, who introduced them during an event in Las Vegas. A few months later, Bizarrap asked her to do a joint session, which she immediately agreed to. Antillano identifies as non-binary, and during the song, she alternates the pronouns 'elle/ella' ('they/she')

"Everyone wants a piece of my cake," she boast in the lyrics.

On social media, she was praised, but also received despicable criticism. The Puerto Rican singer was the victim of a cascade of hate comments, where many followers of Bizarrap showed their transphobia. 

However, there were many more compliments.

"How crazy is the new session of Bizarrap," and "Sorry Villano Antillano for not having met you before" were some of the messages.

As the Puerto Rican artist explained, first there was a recording session in Miami, and then the session in Argentina occurred. She recognized that the track from 'Biza' was far from her most usual trap, and she asked him to include a more rap base to feel more comfortable.

"It sounds super dance to me and I love it but I'm a rapper and people expect something from me. So I convinced him to put the second part that changes,” Antillano said.

Bizarrap also designed the promotional campaign for the song. Again, he received huge success.

Reinaldo Santiago Pacheco, also known as Villano Antillano, was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. In songs, she usually explains her own experiences and the emotions of the LGBTQ+ community, with harsh criticisms of a society that is still a long way from protecting its rights. Her most viral song is “Pájara,” where she vindicates the pride of those who feel and express themselves differently than the majority.


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