Isaac Torres, Alper Tuzcy and Leti Garza are the first three guests. PHOTOGRAPHY: Al Día Jam
Isaac Torres, Alper Tuzcy and Leti Garza are the first three guests. Graphic: AL DÍA Jam

AL DÍA Jam: A new channel for virtual Latino shows

AL DÍA recently published a new music series on YouTube that aims to serve as an anthology of Latinx musical talents.


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February 19th, 2024

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November 14th, 2023


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November 7th, 2023

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September 19th, 2023

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September 7th, 2023


AL DÍA JAM is already here, a new audiovisual line of recordings and home concerts of Latino musical talent accessible to everyone through AL DÍA's YouTube platform.

The team of organizers behind this project sought on the one hand to offer a Latino alternative among the sea of new digital concert formats that after the pandemic triumph on various platforms. This allows on-demand viewing and listening slightly more similar to live music than studio songs.

On the other hand, they sought to offer the more artistic side of some of the interviews and reports, offering artists a platform to express themselves in their format and deepen their statements and positions in another way.

Subscribing viewers will be able to keep up to date with our interviews with Latin artists from all over the world and have monthly samples to broaden their radar.

First guests

The selection begins with Isaac Torres y Su Alianza, the 17-year-old star who, accompanied by his band, delights us with "El pana" in which he repeats his fresh recipe of offering us more pop versions of folkloric sounds descended from the mariachis.

Isaac has remained unstoppable since his interview, releasing two more songs such as "Tu Tiempo Se Acabó" and "Cosas del Amor" about which he also remarked on the formula that caught the attention of the Al Día team: "I like it a lot because it is a regional Mexican hit by one of my favorite singers Sergio Vega "El Shaka". The style I put on it is a little different from the original by Grupo Pegasso and Sergio Vega. I hope people like this different style of one of their favorite songs."

Alper Tuzcu is a Turkish singer-songwriter and composer who, after a world tour, became strongly attached to Latin music, to which he dedicates himself with a calm and relaxing devotion, just like his songs. In the interview for AL DÍA on the occasion of his introspective EP Raíz he declared that "my new dream is to use my music to support multiculturalism."

Leti Garza is a singer from Texas who recently made the cover due to the activism of her latest release, the Borderland EP, and a lifetime of attentive songwriting that has allowed her to delve into all kinds of Latin sounds, especially boleros or mambo, merengue and cumbia:

"I think Latin American music is so rich because we are passionate people and the sadness you hear in a song like the bolero has no substitute."

Three artists make up this first selection that seeks the edges of Latin music to expand them and bring Latino Music closer to readers and listeners.


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