Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña. File image.
Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña. Photo: Creative Commons

Aitana Ocaña and the unreleased track she has with C. Tangana

Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña revealed why she has not published her collaboration with the Madrid-born, C. Tangana.


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More than two years ago, in January 2019, Aitana and C. Tangana recorded their first collaboration together. However, so far, the track has not been released despite their fans recalling the collaboration. This week, in an interview, Aitana explained the reason why she has not wanted to publish it. 

Two of the most recognized artists of the Spanish music scene, excited their followers with the idea of a collaboration. Although this was realized, the result has remained hidden for two years.

"El Madrileño" took advantage of an interview in December last year to confirm the rumors: "I've only been in the studio once with Aitana. Something came out but she didn't dare to bring it up."

"I call on her fans to encourage her to take a risk," Tangana added on the subject. Soon, fans of the Catalan singer flooded social networks with messages asking her to tell her side of the story, to such an extent that it became a trending topic on Twitter in Spain.

Despite the deman, Aitana did not change her mind, and has kept the song under lock and key. Now, more than a year later the singer confessed in an interview that the song has not been released. 

"It's not that I didn't like it, but it's very daring. The truth is that it's a very cool song, but the lyrics were too much, and Anton (C. Tangana's real name) knows it. That's why we decided not to release something like that," who emphasized that it was a joint decision between both artists.

She also said the experience was a lot of fun in the studio with him.

"I admire him a lot and his last album is incredible," said Aitana. 

In addition, she also said she does not rule out working with Pucho again in the future:

"I hope it happens. I can't wait for us to release a song together," said Aitana

In her interview to the Ecuadorian newspaper Expreso, Aitana also talked about her desire to travel to America to perform her music live to her fans. 


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