The Arepa de huevo is one of the most outstanding dishes of Cartagena's gastronomy. Photo: Wiki Commons
The Arepa de huevo is one of the most iconic dishes of Cartagena's food scene. Photo: Wiki Commons

Arepa de huevo, Cartagena fried food excellence

The Arepa de huevo is one of the typical and most representative foods of the city of Cartagena.


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For a long time, there has been a dilemma whether the arepa is from Colombia or Venezuela. Although there is no certain answer to which country invented this wonderful dish (since in the past they were all one nation), what is known is that the famous Arepa de huevo is one of the signature fried foods that can be eaten in Cartagena. 

Arepas de huevo are known for being made of a crunchy dough of ground yellow corn, filled only with egg or egg and ground meat, and then fried in hot oil. 

In the city, visitors can find this snack almost anywhere, but undoubtedly, the best known are the street stalls located in the Plaza de San Diego and Fernandez Madrid Park in the Historic Center. 

From generation to generation, this culinary staple has been passed down for 200 years, allowing the curious, tourists and locals to taste its exquisite flavor and texture. It is from this recipe or native food that thousands of Colombian families are sustained, who every morning sell this food as a typical breakfast, because every day, hundreds of people come to the stands that are placed in the streets to taste the arepas, as well as the carimañolas, stuffed potatoes, empanadas and cheese fingers. 

In honor of this important preparation, at the beginning of every year in Cartagena, the Festival del frito cartagenero is celebrated within the framework of the Candelaria festivities, with the main focus as the Arepa de huevo. However, Luruaco (Atlántico) is recognized as the cradle of the arepa, where the Arepa de huevo Festival of the culinary staple is held in mid-June.

History through food

According to the Colombian Academy of Gastronomy, the arepa is considered a gastronomic heritage, since the country has the largest number of kinds of arepa by region, municipality and township of the country, where each one has a different way of preparation. 

Although its raw material is the same in all places, each Colombian has a different accompaniment so that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Arepa stuffed, egg, paisa, santandereana, valluna, with chorizo, sweet, boyacense, with sandwich, with cheese, with ham, with butter, with sausage, roasted, fried, baked, with chicken, with meat, in sauces, with minced, with stuffing, with vegetables, with chocolate, with fruit, among other varieties, make this dish the most exquisite, which continues and will continue to accompany the Colombian families and visitors who have the pleasure of tasting it.


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