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The most important moments in Fernando Allende's life

The famous Mexican actor and singer celebrates his 50-year career with an autobiography, 'Memorias de futuro' ('Memories of the Future').


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What is the day-to-day life of a great star like? And the humanity that surrounds him? 

In Memorias del futuro (Memories of the Future, published in 2021),  famed Mexican actor, singer, producer and renowned painter Fernando Allende reveals a life full of interesting moves and extraordinary plays of the supreme energy that has always guided him.

Although he was born in Mexico, Allende considers Colombia his artistic cradle. It was in this Latin American country where he became known as an actor at the age of 16, when he starred in the film Maria (1972), based on a book by Jorge Isaacs. 

For Allende, "Colombia is the country of good beginnings and the starting point of his professional growth," he said in an interview with El Universal. Last March, the actor returned to Colombia for the Bogotá Book Fair and also to receive the keys to the city of Cartagena. He also presented his first literary work, Memories of the Future, a collection of 45 short stories that narrate the key moments of his life during his time in the world of film and television. 

"Presenting my book in the land where I was born artistically is a return to the initial starting point," Allende said.

In one of his stories, Allende writes about his experience during the filming of Maria (1972), based on the novel by Jorge Isaacs, and filmed in Colombia's Valle del Cauca, a place that Fernando remembers fondly. 

"I will never forget those beautiful sunrises in Valle del Cauca and the beautiful hacienda of 'El Paraiso.'"

Allende also participated in different Colombian productions and soap operas between 1992 and 1996, such as Sangre de Lobos, Dulce ave negra and María Bonita.

Reading the book fans to discover what lies behind each role assigned, each achievement reached, each battle won, in 45 short stories full of the magic of living.

One of the peculiarities of Memories of the Future is that it is an interactive book. It includes QR codes in which the reader has the opportunity to see in images what the author describes. It is also a book of great accessibility, since it can be found in all available formats to make it literary document reach the greatest number of readers or listeners.

The reprinting of these anecdotal memoirs — 45 short stories full of the magic of living — allows a journey through his main adventures, which he narrates with his characteristic human sensitivity and even with precise touches of humor that remind us that life is a great comedy.


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