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The latest romance of Alexis Daria happens in the Bronx. Photo: Harper Collins

'A Lot Like Adiós': Love, ambition and Latino families in Alexis Daria's latest romance novel

Puerto Rican writer Alexis Daria writes love stories about Latina and Latino characters that reflect the cultural diversity of the Hispanic community.


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In August 2020, Alexis Daria published You Had Me at Hola, a humorous romance novel starring Jasmine Lin, a soap opera actress who returns to her native New York to shoot a movie after a breakup. 

A year and a half later, this young Puerto Rican writer living in New York returns with A Lot Like Adiós, another romance starring Jasmine's cousin, Michelle Amato, a successful, Latina professional who is in love with her childhood best friend, but fears commitment. 

Michelle is the daughter of a Puerto Rican-Italian family from the Bronx who, after ending up burned out from her corporate career in marketing, created a freelance business as a graphic designer. Her life could be classified as successful except for her practically non-existent love life, much to the disappointment of her marriage-obsessed family. 

On the other hand, her childhood friend Gabriel Aguilar returns to the Bronx after 18 years in California. Aguilar left to escape the demands of his parents, even if it cost him to say goodbye to Michelle, his best friend and lifelong love. 

Gabriel makes a surprise return to New York as the successful co-owner of the most popular celebrity gym in Los Angeles. His partner insists on opening a location in New York, the last place in the world Gabe wants to return to, but when Michelle unexpectedly joins his team to run the new marketing campaign. The young Latino businessman ends up getting caught up in his past.

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In a recent interview with NBC, Daria explained that it is very important to her that her books reflect not only the daily lives of Latino people and their families, but also the multiculturalism that exists in the U.S. Hispanic community: 

"Latinx people are not a monolith, and I think often we get lumped in that way. And sometimes it is easier to use the term Latino, Latina or Latinx," Daria said. "But I think even within that, it is important for us to show that there are different cultures, different groups."


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