When visiting Cuba, Ernest Hemingway used to stay in Hotel Ambos Mundos, in Havana.  EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa
When visiting Cuba, Ernest Hemingway used to stay in Hotel Ambos Mundos, in Havana.  EFE/Ernesto Mastrascusa

Will Hemingway survive to Trump's Crack Down on Cuba?


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Junio 30, 2022

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Donald Trump is expected to put an end to the rapprochement with Cuba initiated by former president Barack Obama two years ago. Trump's White House plans to clamp down the emerging travel and business ties between the US and the communist island, in order to pressure the government of Raul Castro on human rights. 

The restrictive measures, however, are going to affect both countries. For Cubans, basically, it will mean to loose potential of business opportunities brought by an increasing American tourism. And for Americans, it will mean that business and travel relations will be harder and more costly. For all those Americans who planned a visit to Havana and enjoy a mojito in La Bodeguita de el Medio, Ernest Hemingway favourite bar, it may be more complicated  in the near future. 

If US and Cuba make a step backwards in their diplomatic relations, Hemingway's legacy can be  "in danger" , alerted this week some of the speakers at the 16th International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway in Havana, as reported in EFE. 

From June 15 to 18, Havana is hosting the 16h International Colloquium Ernest Hemingway, a biannual encounter of academics and experts on the American author. It takes place in the Ernest Hemingway House Museum, in the "Finca Vigía", located in the  neighborhood of San Francisco de Paula, where the author wrote one of his most famous novels, "The old man and the Sea" , winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1953. A year later, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Hemingway had a long affective relationship with Cuba, ever since he first arrived in 1928.

"I think if President Trump reverses US-Cuba relations, he will really be disadvantaging his own country fellows," said Valerie Hemingway, the American author's daughter in law, and a guest speaker at the Colloquium, as reported in EFE. " A setback in the thaw (between US and Cuba) is "a tragedy" because it would prevent  other Americans from knowing "this wonderful paradise "and his" friendly and intelligent "people", she said, as cited by EFE.

Valerie also said that since the reestablishment of bilateral relations two and a half years ago the University of Montana, where she resides, sends students to the island every year.

In case traveling to Cuba becomes really complicated, there are other ways to get closer with America's famous author and Cuba lover. This Saturday, for example, the Ernest Hemingway Foundation in Oak Park (Chicago) is hosting a soiree to celebrate 100 years since the writer’s 1917 graduation from Oak Park and River Forest High School.


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