Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier has joined Insight PA Cyber Charter School. Courtesy Photo.
Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier has joined Insight PA Cyber Charter School. Courtesy Photo.

Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier joins Insight PA Cyber Charter School


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After over six years with Strategy Arts as its Director of Racial Equity and Engagement, Dr. Cynthia Estremera Gauthier recently began a new career endeavor. 

Earlier this month, Dr. Estremera Gauthier was named the new Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Insight PA Cyber Charter School. 

In the new role, she will work to develop and lead the school’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy to impact hiring and retention of educators and adopt more culturally competent and inclusive curriculum across all grades and subject matter.

“I am excited to collaborate with and support senior leadership on making Insight PA an antiracist, equitable, and inclusive institution that creates belonging for all,” said Dr. Estremera Gauthier in a Linkedin post. 

This latest role is a continuation of the work she has done throughout her career in the DE&I space in order to build bridges for people from different backgrounds and help break the cycle of racial inequity across sectors. 

As an educator, humanist, expert facilitator, and equity practitioner, Estremera Gauthier has strived to use her expertise in the DE&I space to foster dialogue in marginalized communities while strategically supporting the development of coalitions that work to solve societal issues across the Greater Philadelphia region, and nationally. 

Her focus is on strategies of inclusivity that empower those who face oppressive systems to be decision-makers and the drivers of solutions.

Estremera Gauthier is no stranger to the academic space, however.

In addition to her newest role, she also works as a Women & Gender Studies Adjunct Professor at Moravian University. 

She joined Moravian University last year after working more than 7 years as an English instructor at Lehigh University from 2012 to 2019. 

Like each role she has filled throughout her career, Estremera Gauthier approaches her role as an adjunct professor through a racial equity lens. 

As an Afro Latina professional, she has experienced some of the various ways that those from her background have been disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression.

During a previous interview with AL DÍA, Estremera Gauthier noted that racial equity ultimately comes down to strong leadership. 

That is not lost on her as she tackles this latest career journey in her new leadership role at Insight PA Cyber Charter School.

“It’s been a journey getting back to education and with DEI efforts, curriculum, and budgets at schools being attacked at the legislative level,” she said. “My call to implement systems change at the educational level couldn’t be more necessary.”

“Grateful for Insight PA leadership for selecting me as their Director as we innovate for the equitable and inclusive future of virtual learning!” she added. 

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