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New Jersey City University and Google will provide 200,000 Latino students with hands on digital training


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In partnership with Grow with Google, The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) will help Latino students at 35 Latino-dominated colleges prepare for the workforce through its Career Readiness Program.

The new project is collaborating with New Jersey City University to train over 200,000 Latino students by 2025, through a $2 million investment. 

Students will learn proper digital skills and interpersonal communication expertise that are needed in order to achieve a successful career.

The services include career workshops, career counseling, and project management.

“NJCU is honored to partner with Grow with Google to better prepare students for their lives after college. NJCU recognizes the positive impact this partnership will have on students’ career readiness and digital literacy that is so crucial in today’s workforce,” Melissa Faulkner, the new director of NJCU’s Career Success Lab said to The New Jersey Business Magazine. “We believe this program will enrich the lives of students and propel them to land satisfying careers. We are most grateful to Google for giving our students this opportunity.”

The new initiative offers semester-long, in-person workshops that serve as a learning haven for students who are about to graduate and need guidance on how to conduct themselves during a job interview. 

The organization is looking forward to providing Latino students with the opportunity to take advantage of the workshops they are offering.

“Every student should have the opportunity to learn digital skills for today’s in-demand jobs,” said Tia McLaurin, community engagement manager at Google. “We’re proud to work with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities to bring the Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness Program to New Jersey City University to help more students prepare for the workforce and thrive as they start their careers.”

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities was founded in 1986 and has provided over 500 different universities and colleges throughout America, Latin America, and Spain.

Grow With Google was originally launched in 2017 with hopes of becoming a growing initiative that will help people with the right tools and communication skills needed to become successful.

Since the start of 2017, Grow With Google has helped around 6 million people develop new skills. Grow with Google has a network of more than 8,000 partner organizations.

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