Daniel Corona has announced he is resigning as mayor of West Wendover. Photo Courtesy of The City of West Wendover.
Daniel Corona has announced he is resigning as mayor of West Wendover. Photo Courtesy of The City of West Wendover.

Daniel Corona, West Wendover mayor, resigns


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Junio 07, 2023

¡Qué desastre!

Mayo 25, 2023


Born and raised fourth-generation resident mayor Daniel Corona from West Wendover, is resigning after approximately six years of service to the Nevada community. 

To break the ice over a tweet, Corona said, "I'm about to share some incredibly bittersweet news. I've accepted a position with the leaders in the gaming industry. I will be relocated to the Reno-Tahoe area in the coming weeks. Tomorrow evening, I will officially submit to the council.” 

Corona took time to thank community members and other elected officials and express gratitude for the time he spent in office, as well as those who have supported his campaigns. 

“When I was sworn in as mayor in 2016, I had every intention to serve as long as the voters intended me to do so. Life, however, has different plans. I will continue to advocate for the issues that are important to me. I will always look for ways to be active in any community I live in," He continued.

As mayor, Corona voluntarily contributed to Western Leaders Voices, a program that helps amplify the voices of tribal, local and state elected leaders on conservation issues in the West.

"In 2016 and again in 2020, I pushed that our voices matter. We need to use them to be heard at the state, local and national level," Mayor Corona, said on Twitter.

At a very young age, he came out as gay. In 2016, Corona became mayor of West Wendover, beating opponent Mike Katsonis by a landslide, making history. 

This made him Arizona's first openly gay Latino mayor, the state's youngest mayor to be elected and elected in a City of predominantly white conservatives but Latino majority. 

"I even told him after he won, “If I had won, I would've demanded a recount,” Katsonis, a retired pharmacist, said.

According to a NBC News article, Corona became interested in politics at the age of 16 when he heard a speech by Barack Obama. 

Corona said that after almost six years in service, it was an honor to serve as mayor of West Wendover. Together, he feels that all have accomplished much more than expected. 

Some have many comments about his political approach. 

"I think he's very, very liberal and I'm much more conservative," Andersen, a substitute teacher, said. She wanted to make sure that conservative voters remained heard in West Wendover. "I think he's a good guy, but I just don't think we have the same political ideas."

As he finishes up his tenure as mayor in a couple weeks, he sent one final message to his constituents. 

"This is not goodbye but see you later," Corona said.

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