Graphic: Maybeth Peralta/AL DÍA News.
Graphic: Maybeth Peralta/AL DÍA News.

2021 AL DÍA 40 Under Forty Honoree: Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn


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The second annual AL DÍA 40 Under Forty event will serve to highlight and showcase some of the most diverse and impactful young professionals across the Philadelphia region.

At the event, taking place on August 27, 2021, Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn will be one of the 40 honorees. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia


Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn currently serves as AVP’s Executive Director. Prior to AVP, she obtained a Masters degree in Public Administration and a Certificate in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government. As a Student Fellow with the Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse, de Lima McGlynn's graduate research on violence against women in public spaces from a public administration lens earned her the 2020 Fels Public Service Award. She has a wealth of knowledge in non-profit management, community development, and government and regulatory affairs. Her professional career includes over five years of public service at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, where she engaged in administrative transparency and open government matters, and played a key role in launching several diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.  Originally from Brazil, de Lima McGlynn grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese/Brazilian Studies and Economics from Smith College. She also recently completed a fellowship with the New Leaders Council.

Here are Natasha Danielá de Lima McGlynn's responses: 

1. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your professional career?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced in my professional career has been being true to myself and trusting my gut. In my current role as an Executive Director where so much is built on trust, it’s important to be authentic. I hope in this way to encourage a new blueprint in the workplace and beyond, where people can show up as they are and feel welcome exactly as they are.

2. What steps can be taken to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in your industry? Why is it important to do so?

If we want to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the social sector, we need to be open about the challenges we’re facing so that we can tackle them at their roots. Understanding the drivers of the disparities is crucial to addressing the longer term obstacles and creating new opportunities.

We also need to be actively addressing the notion of ‘belonging’ when we discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit workplace. As leaders, we can create equitable access to jobs, promotions, and seats at the table for a diverse workforce, with policies, practices, and opportunities that treat employees --no matter their differences-- fairly and respectfully, but what can we do to make employees feel like they belong? To belong is a feeling that transcends merely feeling seen, heard, and recognized.  To belong means you are valued -- we need to value individuals individually and authentically. 

3. What does being a leader mean to you?

Being a leader means being my authentic self and not compromising myself.  It is about trusting my gut and applying all my lived experiences, knowledge, skills, and lessons learned along the way to build towards a vision.  It means not being scared or ashamed to admit I am vulnerable, and being open to learning something new every day.  It is about creating a safe environment where others are not only encouraged to do the same, but feel comfortable to do the same, and, more so, empowered to also lead.  Being a leader means setting an example by lifting up others to also lead.

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Not on this list since I’ll be 40!

Joke aside, I sincerely hope to be continuing to drive value in the community in the most impactful way that I can and helping foster new leaders to do the same.

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