The photo of Selena Quintanilla in Rep. Monica De La Cruz's office
A staffer hangs a photo of Selena Quintanilla in Rep. Monica De La Cruz's new office. Photo: Twitter- @monica4congress

Rep. Monica De La Cruz shows off Selena fandom with portrait of the late singer in her office

The new Texas GOP Congresswoman moved into her new office in D.C. earlier this week as newly-elected officials wait to be sworn in.


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Tuesday, Jan. 3, was swear-in day for many newly-elected and returning U.S. senators and representatives. 

While the House GOP continues with their House Speaker voting debacle, some of the new Republican elected officials are already making themselves at home as some moved into their new offices in the Capitol Building, including Texas Republican Rep. Monica De La Cruz. 

De La Cruz made headlines during the 2022 midterm election cycle for being one of several Republican Latina candidates in South Texas, alongside Mayra Flores, but was the only one to beat her Democratic challenger. 

The South Texas native has been open about her fandom for Selena, the late Latina singer from Lake Jackson, Texas, who was tragically killed in 1995 by the president of her fanclub. On Tuesday, the congresswoman tweeted out a picture in which she is hanging a picture of the late singer in her new office. 

“I am excited to share that my new office in DC is going to feel like South Texas. When you come visit us on Capitol Hill, you will be greeted by a tribute to our beloved Selena, one of my favorite artists. ¡Un gran ejemplo de nuestra cultura! #TX15 #ComoLaFlor,” De La Cruz tweeted. 

This is not the first time Selena, Twitter, and De La Cruz have come together. 

In another tweet from last October, Giancarlo Sopo, Founder of Visto Media, tweeted out a new advertisement that went against Democrats, and President Joe Biden over the usage of “Latinx,” which also included footage of a dancing Selena.   

“My firm directed this ad highlighting how Democrats, like Joe Biden and @CortezMasto, have tried neutering the Spanish language at the behest of radicals,” tweeted Sopo. “This November, Hispanics are sending a message to Democrats who call us Latinx: ¡Váyanse a la chingadx!”

Communications Director for Congressman Steven Horsford, Miguel A. Ayala responded to Sopo’s advertisement and took offense to the inclusion of Selena in the GOP-leaning advertisement. 

“And don’t insult Selena by including her in this Republican ad. She’d be a Democrat,” said Ayala. 

Sopo then replied back to Ayala saying that actually, the singer was a pro-life religious Christian, denouncing Ayala’s claims she would be a Democrat if still around. 

“I hate to break this to you, but Selena was a pro-life religious Christian. If she were still with us, Democrats would be canceling her and the only reason why she hasn't been posthumously canceled is because y'all haven't seen this clip,” said Sopo. “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Bitches!” 

It was then when De La Cruz decided to jump into the Twitter thread by adding her own cheeky response. 

“If Selena were still with us, woke Democrats would be lining up to ‘cancel’ her,” she tweeted. “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!”

De La Cruz recently went on Telemundo for an interview with Mexican reporter, Julio Vaqueiro. Vaqueiro and the Telemundo team went to see the new office space in D.C. where video shows De La Cruz taking the Selena framed picture of the protective plastic. 

“A Selena poster and an effort to keep her heritage alive,” said Vaqueiro in the video piece. 

She also revealed in the interview that she will not only work in the Capitol Building but also sleep there as well. De La Cruz said she could not afford housing in both Texas and D.C., so her office will be home for now. 

De La Cruz is not the only newcomer in this class that has been struggling to find housing due to affordability. Newcomer Florida and Gen-Z Congressmember, Maxwell Frost, has also been open in interviews and social media over not being able to afford housing in the capitol.


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