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Biden’s ‘Latino Roadmap’ to capture the Latinx vote comes from Bernie Sanders

The former vice president now has Bernie’s former Latino outreach coordinator on his campaign. 


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It is uncontested that Bernie Sanders (D-VT) emerged as the Democratic candidate with the most successful Latino outreach strategy.

Since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus have encouraged the former Vice President to take some strategy from Sanders’ book.

During the primaries, Biden emerged as the front runner, after big wins in the South and Midwest, which were largely powered by Black Americans, moderates, and t older demographics of voters.

Sanders, on the other hand, gathered strong support from states with large Latinx populations like California.

Critiqued for his small show of support among Latinos in both the primary and general elections, Joe Biden has been on the turnaround.

Biden has pivoted in his approach — then practically nonexistent— to the Latinx vote. 

He has hired a lineup of Hispanic staff, including campaign coordinators, has spent $1 million in Spanish-language advertising, and this week, Biden signed one of the nation’s top pollsters in the field: Latino Decisions.

Recent polls show Biden has only a narrow lead ahead of Trump in the Latino vote, but with this change in strategy, Biden could solidify his lead.

Though only just, Biden’s recent general election polls show he has a solid lead nationwide, including within battleground states. If this change in approach can amplify his presence and support among Latinx communities, while continuing to perform with Black and white voters, President Donald Trump may be limited to one term.

This isn’t to say that Trump can’t win, reported the New York Times. With nearly four months until Election Day, there is still plenty of time for the political landscape to change.

Chuck Rocha may be the answer to the uncertainty.

The former senior adviser to Sanders’ ill-fated presidential bid, ran the campaign’s efforts to reach Latino voters, both this year and for his 2016 campaign.

A former senior advisor, Rocha is known for his success at reaching Latinos during Sanders’ campaigns, proving he knows what it takes to do so. Now four months after the end of Sanders’ bid, Rocha is expected to publish his debut novel titled, Tío Bernie, a story of the historic Latino outreach program he pioneered. 

The cover features Sanders sandwiched between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rocha, before a crowd of Latinos in full support.

The full title, Tío Bernie: The Inside Story of How Bernie Sanders Brought Latinos Into the Political Revolution, while personal to Rocha’s own story, details a roadmap for Biden’s bid for the Latinx vote, and how to diversify his campaign.

Now Rocha is using the same strategy he outlined in his book for Biden. Just last week, he teamed up with Biden’s team to micro-target Latinos in swing states. 

If not Rocha’s, Biden is actively following a roadmap in his efforts to attain the Latinx vote, projected to be the largest non-white voting demographic eligible to vote this year. 

On July 16, Biden met with CHC members Joaquin Castro, Tony Cárdenas, and more to speak on COVID-19’s impact on the Latinx community.

“Today Hispanic Caucus members had productive conversation with Vice President Joe Biden on the most pressing challenges confronting the Latino community, particularly the disproportionate COVID-19 impact, health care and immigration reform,” wrote the Hispanic Caucus on Twitter.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, particularly for Latinos. We appreciate that Vice President Joe Biden took the time to hear directly from the Hispanic Caucus,” said Castro.

Rocha’s book is scheduled for release on August 19. His strategy has proven successful among Latino voters so far, but we will have to wait for November to tell if it translates effectively onto Biden.


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