Pedro Castillo, presidente de Perú, en reunión con su gabinete de ministros.
Castillo has already met with his new team of ministers. Photo: @presidenciaperu.

Peru's Pedro Castillo shakes up his cabinet again

Amid a serious political crisis, including allegations of corruption, Peru's newly elected president has sworn in a new group of ministers.


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Héctor Valer, the new prime minister of Peru to replace Mirtha Vásquez, heads the new team of President Pedro Castillo, who in just six months in charge, has made three major shake ups of his cabinet.

Vásquez, who resigned before Castillo's decision to appoint a new cabinet, also gave way to names such as José Luis Gavidia, who takes over as Minister of Defense, Óscar Graham, in Economy and Finance, César Landa, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Salas, in Culture, Alfonso Chávarry, Ministry of the Interior, Katy Ugarte, in the ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, Alessandra Herrera, Energy and Mines, and Alberto Ramos, in Agrarian Development and Irrigation.

On the other hand, Aníbal Torres, in Justice and Human Rights, Rosendo Serna, Education, Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health, Roberto Sánchez, Foreign Trade and Tourism, Betssy Chávez, in the Labor portfolio, Jorge Prado, in Production, Juan Silva, Ministry of Transportation, Geiner Alvarado, Housing, and Dina Boluarte, in charge of Development and Social Inclusion, were sworn in to their positions.

gabinete ministerial del presidente de Perú, Pedro Castillo

For his part, Wilber Supo, arrives at one of the most sensitive ministries at this time and one that draws the attention, not only of Peru, but also of the international community. He will take over Environment right after a crisis caused by an oil spill on the Peruvian beaches of Ventanilla by the Repsol company. It came as a result of the recent underwater earthquakes that hit Tonga in the Pacific.

Castillo announced the new changes on Twitter.

As I have always announced in my interventions, the cabinet is constantly being evaluated. For this reason, I have decided to renew it and form a new team. I appreciate the support of Mirtha Vásquez and the other Ministers of State. We will continue along the path of development for the good of the country.

What do those leaving say?

On the side of Vásquez, she alluded to the impossibility of generating consensus for the “benefit of the country.” It is important to remember that the former minister had replaced Guido Bellido in October, who was criticized by both the opposition and by the president's allies.

Another setback for Castillo’s administration occurred just before the swearing-in of his new cabinet of ministers. Carlos Jaico, Secretary General of the Presidency, made formal complaints about the alleged existence of what he calls a “shadow cabinet,” as well as corruption in high places.

For now, the outlook for the president of Peru is not at all encouraging. On the one hand, he must withstand the attacks of the opposition, which is already talking about advancing an impeachment attempt, while on the other, in the upper echelons of the ruling party, there is talk of division between its supporters and the positions of leaders, and those of Waldemar Cerrón, head of the Peru Libre party, which supported Castillo. The new president has since worked to distance himself from Cerrón because of suspected corruption surrounding him.


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