US President Donald Trump speaks at a political event in Nashville, Tennessee (United States) on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. EFE / RICK MUSACCHIO
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a political event in Nashville, Tennessee (United States) on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. EFE / RICK MUSACCHIO

The 5 worst lies from Trump's Nashville speech

Donald Trump traveled to Tennessee on Tuesday to support the candidacy of Rep. Marsha Blackburn, but his speech was transformed into a political rally for his…


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It's proven to be a challenge to single out only five incorrect statements among all of the factual errors spouted by President Donald Trump during his speech on Tuesday in Nashville.

During more than an hour of campaign-like rhetoric, the magnate gave free rein to his imagination and transformed the facts in front of an audience eager for a parallel reality.

These are the 5 most dangerous lies that the president said:

"Scott DesJarlais, the most beautiful name in politics"

For those who don’t remember the character Scott DesJarlais, he became the representative of Tennessee's 4th District in 2010 and was reelected for the position despite the fact that his divorce documents in 2001 were made public, proving that the former doctor "had sex with his patients, with workers at the medical center and with a representative of a pharmaceutical industry," the Washington Post reported at the time.

While infidelity has never stopped anyone in American politics, the documents also showed that DesJarlais, who campaigned in anti-abortion positions, "encouraged his ex-wife to get two abortions," also recommending some of his patients he had been seeing to do the same.

Similarly, during the 2010 campaign, the then-candidate “faced allegations of violent behavior toward his ex-wife, such as dry-firing a gun outside the bedroom door while she was inside.”

Media outlets like POLITICO called him "the biggest hypocrite in Congress", especially after the congressman said: "God has forgiven me."

"There has never been an administration—and even some of our enemies are admitting it—that has done what we have done in the first year and a half."

Despite all his promises—a border wall, imprisoning Hillary Clinton, among others—the only and real achievement that the Trump Administration can count on at this point has been the approval of its tax reform, and that without counting the difficulties and the consequences of having passed it.

While the president often confuses signing bills with concrete achievements, his constant assertions of having signed more legislation than anyone ("We even broke the Harry Truman record," he said last December) have nothing to do with specific achievements for American society.

According to Politifact, "calculations by (determine that) Trump actually ranked last in legislation signed among post-World War II presidents in their first calendar year who took office on the regular four –year cycle.”

"The MS-13 lover, Nancy Pelosi. She loves MS-13."

The president referred to the criticism of the leader of the Democratic minority when she opposed Trump calling immigrants “animals”.

During an event on May 22, Trump said that "the other day Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of MS-13. That’s the first time I've heard that. She wants them to be treated with respect, as do other Democrats," and since then, the president has perpetuated the confusion between demanding immigrants not be dehumanized and supporting or respecting criminal gangs.

"I don’t want to cause a problem, but in the end, Mexico’s going to pay for the wall"

Although it seems like it never rains but it pours when trying to explain this type of assertion, it is no less important to remember that the president's rhetoric insists on magnifying parallel realities.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has made it clear that Mexico "will NEVER pay for the wall. Not now, not ever".

Actually, the inconsistency of these statements has been such that much of the political debate in the current race for the presidency in Mexico has made Trump the Goliath that all candidates promise to bring down.

“We passed largest tax cuts and reform in American history”

No, the tax reform has not been the largest in the country's history, but its campaign to achieve it and the presidential boast over the past few months has been.

According to NBC News, "By either inflation-adjusted dollars or as a percentage of GDP, the tax legislation Trump signed into law last year ranks well below other tax laws, including those under Reagan or even Obama."


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