Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham sent a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas over border crisis.
Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham sent a letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas over border crisis. Photos: Getty Images.

Sens. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham threaten DHS’s Mayorkas with impeachment

The two GOP Sen. have been the most critical of Mayorkas' handling of immigration along the Southern border. It continued with a letter sent on Tuesday, Oct. 4.


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In a letter sent to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday, Oct. 5, in a letter sent to Mayorkas U.S. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, wrote that the Secretary’s actions, or lack thereof, on the border amid the influx of migrants could be “grounds for impeachment.”

The letter was also a wider attack on the whole of the Biden Administration when it comes to immigration.

“Your failure to faithfully enforce this nation’s immigration laws and willful blindness to the very real humanitarian crisis at our southern border amounts to a gross dereliction of duty and a violation of your oath of office,” reads part of the letter.

The letter also goes after the perceived failures on the behalf of D.C. for not supporting Border Patrol in what they see in the current predicament as a crisis.

“We have grave concerns about what this failure means for both national security and the health and safety of American citizens. These failures cannot go unaddressed, and your actions cannot be unaccounted for,” it continues.

The GOP’s stance against Mayorkas, and the Biden Administration is ramping up as the midterm elections are less than a month away. Republicans are preparing for a possible power switch in Congress as they seek to regain control. Immigration policy and DACA face a more uncertain future with the potential power switch and with another Presidential election in two years, Republicans are showing their hand pretty blatantly. 

During an appearance at The Texas Tribune Festival in September, Cruz first spoke of his plans to impeach Mayorkas over what he called “chaos” at the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s been a Republican talking point since Biden took office. 

In the same speech, Cruz admitted that the Senate would not be able to impeach Mayorkas. 

On policy, the letter he and Graham led claims rescission of certain Trump-era policies are the reason for the high number of border crossings. Those listed include the Remain in Mexico policy, ending Title 42 expulsions and terminating border wall contracts, among other decisions. 

Mayorkas has not responded to the letter, but is also dealing with a new crisis created by Republican governors like Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who have both transported migrants from the border to northern cities straining their already thin resources. It is another way Republicans have attacked Mayorkas and Biden on their immigration approach.

Abbott’s migrant transportation order has resulted in over 13,000 migrants being bused to Democratic sanctuary hubs New York City, D.C., and Chicago, and DeSantis recently sent at least two chartered flights to Martha’s Vineyard from Texas with Venezuelan migrants as passengers.


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