Robert García, California's Congressman.
García made history in California. Photo: @RobertGarcia.

The 9 Latinos who made history in the midterm elections

They won the vote of the Americans in several of the key states.


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While the country is watching the final results of the midterm elections, in which, according to the latest projections, the Democrats would retain control of the Senate and would keep the difference in seats in the House of Representatives in single digits, the Latino community, which was highly protagonist with its vote in these elections, selected various representatives of the Hispanic culture who after this election made history.

NBC News highlighted the victories achieved by 9 representatives in 6 of the main U.S. states, an election where, beyond their origins, the voters took into account the proposals on such important issues as the economy, health and, of course, immigration.

Noting that during these elections Hispanic representatives ran for different positions in 44 of the 50 states, these are the most relevant victories:

1. Yadira Caraveo — Colorado

The Democratic Party-nominated state representative, who was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2018, became Colorado's first Latina elected to Congress.

Caraveo, who will represent the newly drawn 8th Congressional District north of Denver, which has the highest percentage of Hispanics in the state at 39%, is a pediatrician and the daughter of Mexican immigrants. 

2. Maxwell Alejandro Frost — Florida

The Democrat, who identifies as Afro-Cuban, is the first of Generation Z (25 years old) to hold a seat in Congress.

3. Anna Paulina Luna — Florida

The Republican became the first Mexican-American woman from this state to be elected to Congress, where she will represent Florida's 13th district.

4. Robert García — California

Robert Garcia, a Democrat, is the first LGBTQ immigrant elected to Congress following his victory against Republican John Briscoe in a race to represent California's 42nd Congressional District.

Garcia, who is gay and immigrated to the U.S. from Peru at age 5, was first elected mayor of Long Beach in 2014.

5. Alex Padilla — California

Although he had previously been appointed to the US Senate by California Governor Gavin Newsom to fill the position vacated by Kamala Harris after becoming vice president in 2021, becoming the first Latino to represent the state , this time he was chosen on his own merits.

6. Delia Ramírez — Illinois

She is the first Latina elected to Congress from Illinois after defeating Republican Justin Burau in a race to represent the state's 3rd Congressional District.

Ramírez was elected in 2018 as the first Guatemalan American to the Illinois General Assembly.

7. George Santos — New York

He will become the only LGBTQ Republican in Congress following a historic House race between gay candidates vying for a vacant seat in New York's 3rd Congressional District.

The congressman-elect identifies as Latino since his parents were born in Brazil, and he will become the first non-incumbent, openly LGBTQ Republican elected to Congress.

8. Antonio Delgado — New York

He became the first person who identifies as Latino to be elected to the state's lieutenant governor, a position he had held when appointed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, who took over as governor after Andrew Cuomo resigned in 2021.

9. Sabina Matos —Rhode Island 

She is the first Dominican American to reach a position as lieutenant governor in this state, which is characterized by electing these officials in a separate contest from the race for the governorship.

Matos, a former Providence City Council speaker, was named lieutenant governor in April 2021 when Dan McKee became state governor.


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