Photo: Twitter- @latinovictoryus
Path to Victory is for Latino candidates in 2024. Photo: Twitter- @latinovictoryus

Latino Victory Project launches Path to Victory, a two-day candidate training camp ahead of 2024 election season

In collaboration with other progressive groups, the program looks to recruit and build a strong group of Latino leaders ready to represent their communities.


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Are there any Latinos — in Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona — looking to run for office in 2024? 

A program started by Latino Victory Project in partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), Run for Something, Annie's List, the Pipeline Fund, and Google is giving any prospective Latino candidate the opportunity to learn how to run an efficient and successful campaign for elected office. 

Path to Victory is a two-day candidate training camp meant to teach students about the ins and outs of running a political campaign ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

“The Path to Victory program is an exciting opportunity to meet candidates where they are and build a diverse bench of Latino leaders who are eager for change and to represent their communities in elected office,” said Nathalie Rayes, president and CEO of Latino Victory Project.

Latino representation on Capitol Hill has dramatically improved, particularly in the most recent 2022 midterm elections, where gains in Congress and statewide office increased. 

The 118th Congress features the largest class of Latinos in history, with the number of Latinos in the U.S. House of Representatives growing from 38 to 47. 

A record 21 Latinos also currently hold statewide offices — up from 18 before the midterms. In the 2022 election, Latino candidates went for congressional, statewide executive, and state legislative offices in 44 states. 

The Democratic Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Republican Congressional Hispanic Conference have also record numbers of Latino members in the current Congress. 

“Ahead of 2024, Democrats up and down the ballot are energized to make their voice heard. It is especially exciting to help bring new candidates who have been largely underrepresented in the political landscape to the forefront,” said Kelly Dietrich, founder and CEO of the National Democratic Training Committee, a PAC formed to train Democratic candidates that is partnering in Path to Victory. 

The training will include a cybersecurity component implemented by Google and Defending Digital Campaigns, a nonpartisan nonprofit focused on digital security in political campaigns.

The organizations involved with Path to Victory, include DDC and the National Democratic Training Committee — the largest Democratic campaign training organization that trains candidates on how to win races. 

Run for Something is a nonprofit that helps recruit & support young people running for office — nearly 100,000 people across all 50 states who’ve run for state or local office — Annie’s List Fund is the training and engagement advocacy arm of Annie's List — a Texas-based political action committee — and the Pipeline Fund is a group of different organizations and individuals looking to support new progressives running for office. 

Path to Victory officially held their first weekend this past Saturday, April 15, in Texas, highlighted in a tweet from Latino Victory Project. 

“We just wrapped up our first Path to Victory in Texas!  Thank you to all of the dedicated trainers and all the inspiring candidates who shared the past two days with us,” the organization wrote. “We’re proud to be breaking down barriers for more Latino/as to seek office up and down the ballot.” 


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