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Migration in Latin America is a central topic of the visit. Photo: Pixabay.

Why is the Vice President's visit to Honduras so important?

Kamala Harris will travel to Honduras to attend the inauguration of the new president of the country, Xiomara Castro, with whom she will carry out an important…


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With the firm commitment to find a partner in the new president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, with whom they can work on the issue of mass migration, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, heads a delegation that will be part of a historic visit to the Central American country.

Xiomara Castro, presidenta de Honduras

Key diplomatic visit

Despite the political turmoil surrounding Castro's swearing in, thanks to a division in the new Congress, the arrival of the vice president seeks to draw a difference from the way Washington interacted with the previous administration.

Including a call that Harris had with Castro in December of last year, this is the first government meeting between the United States and Honduras, so the presence of the vice president shows the importance of this new ally for the White House.

Through the statement announcing Harris's diplomatic visit, it seeks to promote economic growth, fight corruption and deeply review the crisis of mass migration in the Northern Triangle region.


Due to the poor diplomatic relations that the United States maintains with neighboring countries of Honduras, such as Guatemala and El Salvador, also center pieces of the massive waves of migration that have occurred in recent years in the region, it is key for the vice president to find a solid partner to face this human drama in Castro.

Washington wants to close the chapter on her predecessor, the outgoing president Juan Orlando Hernández, who is accused of corruption and having links to drug trafficking. Now, with the election, for the first time in the history of Honduras, of a woman president, a positive outlook is presented that promises to give this country a new air, thus turning it into a key actor for North American interests.

Kamala, the face of the United States in Central America

This is the second official trip of Vice President Harris to the region, with which they seek to demonstrate the interest of the Biden administration in seeking substantive solutions to the humanitarian crisis.

During her first visit, in which the government was questioned for taking too long to intervene in the situation, Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico, leaving mixed opinions between those who welcomed the start of this dialogue and those who criticized the response of the United States to the problem.

Frontera entre Estados Unidos y México

Private investment

Thanks to Harris' management, private capital has begun to arrive in Tegucigalpa, where investments made by important companies such as Microsoft, MasterCard, Chobani, Duolingo, Nespresso, among others, stand out, and they are also allocating resources to Guatemala and El Salvador.

With this alliance between the public and private sectors, Harris' call to action seeks to generate a positive impact in these countries, implementing system-wide changes that can generate better living conditions for their citizens. For this, the United States must use all the tools at its disposal and must be in charge of dictating the steps to follow and find definitive solutions, while listening to the opinions and proposals from the regions themselves.

It is important to remember that this crisis has seen a major increase amid the coronavirus pandemic, where the economic situation of many families, not only in Central America, but also in South America, worsened dramatically, forcing them to seek the American Dream for survival.

Likewise, and regardless of the criticism, even from the Democrats themselves, the Biden administration has continued some of the questionable immigration policies of former President Donald Trump.

According to official figures, which do not take into account the significant number of people who die or get lost on the way there, U.S. Border Patrol made more than 170,000 arrests, of which about 47,000 were migrants from the Northern Triangle in December 2021.


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