Protesta civil por los derechos humanos
Freedoms are in danger and repression increased. Photo: Pixabay.

Human Rights Watch: How did Latin America fare in the annual report?

The NGO exposed the worrying situation of human rights in different countries of Latin America.


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In its 32nd edition, Human Rights Watch presented its annual report on the state human rights around the world.

Within the 700-page report, which addresses almost all countries, scourges such as gender violence, repression, torture and ill-treatment, as well as the deterioration of freedoms in general, stand out.

The state of Latin America


The government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador was singled out for intimidating journalists, manipulating justice and neutralizing controls on his power. Human rights violations and impunity prevail in the country, according to Human Rights Watch.


Human Rights Watch pointed out that during the 2021 protests on the island, arbitrary arrests, persecution, ill-treatment and censorship were carried out. The organization accused the government of repressing and punishing any form of opposition.


The organization accused the administration of Jair Bolsonaro of attacking the confidence of the electoral system, civil liberties, and repressing any action that goes against its policies. The report revealed that between January and November 2021, police in Rio de Janeiro killed on average four people every day.

El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele is accused of taking advantage of his majority in Congress to persecute the courts, as well as independent media and those who oppose the government. The end result is a weakening of democracy in the whole of the country.


The scenario that saw Keiko Fujimori ignored as she tried to de-legitimize Pedro Castillo's victory in the presidential elections constituted a great challenge for the democratic institutions of the country.


As 2022 gets going, the mass exodus of the country's population continues at an ever-growing clip. The government of Nicolás Maduro was singled out by a prosecutor from the International Criminal Court for abuses of power that could constitute crimes against humanity.


The strong wave of violence inside the country's penitentiary centers, especially in Guayaquil, exposed a security crisis the Ecuadorian government must face without generating a new human rights .


The organization accused the Guatemalan government of hindering accountability and putting at risk the independence of the judicial sector, while pointing out the growing shadow of corruption.


Added to the assassination of the president and the attacks of nature, this country suffered a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic levels that threatens any defense of human rights in a country in the hands of corruption and drug trafficking.


Despite the attempts of Colombian government to deny the reports of police violence, such as ones from the UN, which came after days of protest in the country. Human Rights Watch further shined a light these abuses and highlighted the increase in violence by armed groups.

Read the full report by clicking here.


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