Santo Redentor statue at Río de Janeiro, Brazil.
The current president of Brazil disputes the next presidency. Photo: Pixabay.

Presidential re-election: Which Latin American countries allow it?

These processes are not always well seen by the international community.


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Regarding the announcement by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to run again for the presidency of his country, these are the nations of the region that, like the United States, have approved the figure of re-election to decide who should govern after popular elections.

Likewise, it is important to note that while some countries allow re-election in consecutive terms, others require a certain number of years to do so.

Immediate re-election

Currently, the countries where this figure is in force are Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Bolivia. In the latter, it is worth clarifying, the leaders can only be re-elected once in a continuous manner.

Deferred reelection

This is the case in countries such as Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Peru, and Costa Rica, where an incumbent president can only run again after one or more terms after his administration.

Indefinite reelection

This is the case of the questioned governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Case of El Salvador

Last year, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of El Salvador issued a ruling that allows the presidents of that country to have access to consecutive re-election, giving Bukele the option to stand for election for a second term. This ruling reversed another decision from 2014 that prohibited a presidential reelection in the ten years after whoever was in power.

No re-election

It is also important to highlight the countries of the region whose Constitution prohibits this figure, such as Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Paraguay. In Colombia, the figure was allowed during the terms of former presidents Álvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos.


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