Photo: Andrés Cano/Wikipedia - Joanna Mendoza/Twitter
Photo:  Andrés Cano/Wikipedia - Joanna Mendoza/Twitter

Andrés Cano, Joanna Mendoza win big in Arizona primaries

Arizona is a battleground state. Primary advancements from Cano and Mendoza will prove critical in the November election.


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Coming out of Arizona’s primary elections, the Latino vote saw record-level turnout at the polls. As a swing state, the increase in Latino turnout is important in determining what may happen in November.

Arizona Latinos could prove integral to flipping the state blue for the first time since 1996, reported Newsweek. While increased Hispanic turnout in Arizona isn't new, recognizing the increases during each election cycle reveals how the former GOP stronghold is evolving.

Two big winners from Arizona’s Aug. 4 primary are Rep. Andrés Cano (D-AZ-3) and Joanna Mendoza.

Cano won his reelection to the Arizona House of Representatives, and Mendoza advanced from the Democratic primary for Arizona’s State Senate. 

“What we’ve accomplished was because of you. Because you believe in what we’re fighting for -  equality, justice, integrity, truth, & the betterment of our communities. Thank you! 

But the real work begins now,” tweeted Mendoza. 

“Dear Family,” Cano wrote on Twitter. “We did it– we earned a second term in the Arizona House of Representatives! Thank you for believing in our vision for a stronger Arizona. Together, we can move our beautiful state forward.” 

Not only are these wins important for the future of Latinx representation in a former GOP stronghold, they reflect that Arizona is not the state it once was. 

Nationwide, there is a game of tug-a-war occurring between the Trump and Biden campaigns for the Latino vote, which has reaffirmed the community’s mounting influence leading into the general election.


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