Pictured: House Candidate Maxwell Alejandro Frost
Candidate Maxwell Frost's campaign was largely shaped by his surroundings - which in turn informed his policy platform. Photo: Maxwell Frost Campaign

It’s Maxwell ‘Alejandro’ Frost, the Latino Gen Zer in Florida hoping to be the youngest member of Congress in 2023

The Generation Z member with Cuban roots is a progressive activist hoping to leverage his youth in the House.


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"Today's election is proof that Central Florida's working families want representation that has the courage to ask for more," said Maxwell Alejandro Frost in a statement after he was declared the winner in Florida’s House District 10 primaries, according to the Associated Press. 

Frost is slated to become one of the youngest candidates to chase a congressional bid at 26 years old, just barely meeting the age requirement to run for a House seat. He is a Gen Z member, the generation of people born after 1996.

His progressive views, according to Frost, have been shaped by his surrounding reality — gun violence, civil rights, and climate change. Throughout his campaign, the nominee has been outward about his platform and has not shied away from making his views and activism the center of his campaigning. 

In June, he interrupted a Dave Rubin interview with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, demanding answers on gun control policy.


"Our generation has been born into a lot of trauma and a lot of civil unrest around people being frustrated with things. And I think because of that, our generation naturally thinks about things in a bit of a different way," Frost told NPR

His campaign also gained traction through endorsements from notable progressive names in Washington, like Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont, Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, and Rep. Pramila Jayapal from Washington, solidifying his status as a viable candidate ahead of the primaries. 

Though much of the attention Frost has provoked has been his age, it hasn’t stopped him from running a successful campaign bid. 

His roots in activism were shaped by a violent political environment rife with agendas and little policy. He hopes to bring the very same roots, along with the generation that shaped him to the House, should he be the ultimate pick.

“I share this victory with the nurses, forklift drivers, teachers, caregivers, social workers, farmers, union organizers, cashiers, and other members of this vibrant community who supported this campaign,” he went on to say in his statement following his projected victory. 

Frost is vying for a vacant seat left by Val Demings, who is herself involved in the pits of a Congressional run in the Senate. The deep blue House District 10 was crammed with hopefuls looking to protect the democratic stronghold. 

He faced off against Sen. Randolph Bracy, a Democratic state Rep. in Florida’s 11th district, and the first Black Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee. Bracy, 45, championed many pieces of legislation encompassing police reform bills, gun reform bulls, and increased unemployment compensation.

The FL Senator has not yet given a concession speech.  

But Frost, who describes his upbringing as the “mass-shooting generation,” says “bold change” is needed. 

"We often talk about what we need to survive. I want to have a conversation about what we need to thrive," he told CNN.


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