Germantown's own QThree will be on stage at Milkboy on March 30, 2023. Photo: Instagram: @q3whocares

Get to know QThree, the Germantown rapper and producer opening for Brianna Castro at Milkboy

Doors open on March 30 at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m.


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This story was written by Amari Newman, the journalist behind the multimedia platform Sleepwalker Entertainment, which can also be found on Instagram and YouTube

Multi-talented hip-hop creative QThree will be opening for North Philly vocalist Brianna Castro at her Soul Tied event March 30 at Milkboy.

The Germantown native has been active in Philly’s rap and skate communities for over a decade, and is considered one of the most respected artists in the city. Throughout his extensive career, the producer, rapper, engineer, and visual artist has released dozens of high-caliber projects, and established relationships with some of the most sought-after musicians and brands in the country. 

Qthree got involved with music in his early adolescence.

“Everything happened all at once,” he recalls, “rapping, engineering, and making beats.”

He would beatbox and freestyle with his sixth grade classmates, banging on tables to mimic the instrumental of the Clipse classic “Grindin.” He continued experimenting with hip-hop throughout high school before seriously pursuing a musical career his freshman year of college.

In 2011, Qthree, alongside his rap collective of life-long friends Bakery Boys, established their own music label, Baked Recordings.

Since then, the emcee steadily built an invested following through his consistent output of honest and reflective music. QThree has released over 20 solo projects, roughly half under his producer alias EAR.DRUM, and maintained a hands-on approach to his content creation.

“I always recorded and mixed myself for the most part. If it wasn't me it was Veeay, Cano, or Miles Comaskey,” he explains. 

As a producer, QThree’s mastery of both the Akai MPC and Roland SP beat pads is undeniable. His immersive sample-based instrumentals convey a level of emotional rawness that connects with listeners on a deep level. QThree’s beat-making skills, and deep roots within the local skate community, specifically with the Sabotage collective, led to him composing tracks used in videos for major skate brands like Thrasher, DC Shoes, RedBull, and Adidas.

Although his skill with the pen and beat pad are pristine, QThree’s most distinguishing trait may be the exclusive nature of his musical releases. The majority of his content can only be accessed through cassettes, vinyls, or digital audio files purchased from him directly or his Bandcamp. This nuanced approach, in a time where the majority of music is distributed and consumed through streaming services, has given QThree a very intimate relationship with his fanbase who put forth a genuine effort to receive his art. They also know that their financial support goes directly to him, and isn’t split among streaming platforms, labels, or other outside entities. 

QThree plans to bring his community-based mindset and spirit to the Brianna Castro show this Thursday, March 30.

He connected with the singer-songwriter through Instagram.

“We've always had mutuals. My first time seeing her [was during her performance] at The Roots Picnic,” he says.

He’ll be opening for Brianna, along with local artists Kingsley Ibeneche and Jasmine Cassell. The event will also pay tribute to the Roland SP beat pad series.

“I have the new SP 404mk2, and it just got a new update, so I'm excited to test my skills.” QThree explains. “Since it's mostly an R&B show I'm putting together a special set of my most personal and soulful songs, so I can compliment the other supporting acts.” 

The event will take place in the upstairs event space in Milkboy. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

Milkboy Flyer for March 30
Milkboy flyer for the show on March 30. Graphic: Milkboy

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