Christian Martinez performs at La Boom nightclub in N.Y.C.
Christian Martinez performs at La Boom nightclub in N.Y.C.

Freshly Baked Reggaeton Singer In Philadelphia

Philly native prepares to release his first Reggaeton album this summer


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Christian Martinez is a new reggaeton singer in Philadelphia. Inspired by the J Bavin and Niki Jam, Martinez discovered his talent to sing and write songs to his favorite style of music - Reggaeton.

He started as a DJ in local clubs, spinning the music at many recognized venues in Philadelphia like: Rumor, Mint lounge, Bamboo, Pulse, Mink, Praga and Positano Coast. Also Luxx Lounge in Atlantic City, La boom in New York and The Stage, Baru Urbano and El Patio in Miami.

DJing hand-in-hand with the recognized DJ Alex Sensation from La Mega 97.9 FM of New York City helped Martinez to discover his talents to not only Djing, but singing as well.

2016 was a turning point in Martinez life, when he decided that he had enough of being just a DJ and it was the time to fulfill his dream – to sing and produce Reggaeton music.

“I always wanted to sing and I think my dad brought the love to music to me.  While growing up I was listening to salsa music at home. Singers like Hector Lavoe and Diomedes Diaz always inspired me to dance and sing as a little boy. Now, as a singer, I like to express different feelings and moods like happiness, sadness or being heartbroken with my lyrics and deliver messages from my own life experience. Music is my life and gives me an ability to disconnect myself from the real world and allows me to transport to another world,” said Martinez.

Now living in Philadelphia for the last 15 years Martinez knew that no one is here to bring the diversity of genres of Colombian music that would reach the Colombian community in Philadelphia.

He saved as much money as possible to go to Colombia for a year to produce his first music video ‘Mi Veterana’ and five songs that are hitting different radio stations in the U.S. and are available on Spotify, GooglePlay and Pandora.

Currently Martinez works with two different production companies: Palma Productions and Hancel Music. Palma productions is located in Medellin, Colombia and they were producing Martinez’s first music video.

Hancel music is located in Tampa, FL and there new songs will be coming from this production to add to Martinez first album.

During the phone interview producer of Hancel Music, Hancel Sadiel Castro said:

“I love Christian Martinez's music, a young man with a lot of talent and his songs are based on stories that happens to many of us on the everyday life. We will see Christian Martinez on a big stage very soon, because he has a tremendous potential and will be on the same level or even better with other popular reggaeton singers in the U.S. I will do my best to support Christian in creating great music hits in Reggaeton.”

In April, this year Martinez is going back to Colombia to film his second music video and five new songs to finalize his first album, which will be released this Summer 2017 and after that will start a media tour in the U.S. to promote his music.

“The cities I will hit first are N.Y.C., Miami, Washington, Philadelphia and also Medellin in Colombia. After that I would like to collaborate with well-known artists in the genre of Reggaeton like J.Balvin, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Maluma, Justin Quilesto, so I can reach more people with my music,” said Martinez.

The company that will publish Martinez records on different digital platforms is Sunflower Entertainment in N.Y.C. The company aims to promote his music to other record labels to eventually catch the attention of sponsorship. The goal is to be at the top of the ladder along with other popular Latin singers.

“As a reggaeton singer, I want to bring the diversity of this music and Colombian culture to people in Philadelphia and across the U.S.A. I want my songs to influence people so they feel familiarize in their own life with the stories that are behind my songs. The reaction I would be pleased to hear from people is one word: WOW! I want people to relate with my songs and at the same time have fun while listening to my music”, said Martinez.

Some critics say he is going to be the next J Bavin or Juanes and some say he is a new urban artist of Latin music that listeners will have to validate.



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