Neydary Zambrano
Zambrano moved to the United States around 25 years ago, from Venezuela.

Magic Memories provides caring and quality education for children

Neydary Zambrano, the founder and owner of the organization, is among AL DÍA’s 2023 top entrepreneurs honorees.


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Happening next week, AL DÍA's Top Entrepreneurs Forum & Reception event will celebrate six entrepreneurial leaders who are making a difference in the Philadelphia region. 

Neydary Zambrano will be receiving the “Brick and Mortar Award” for helping “the world go round as they bring ease through the essential services they provide for their communities.” Zambrano is the founder and owner of the now called Magic Memories Early Learning Schools, which has the mission of offering children the best experience and education they can get. 

“It’s a big honor and I am very excited about this award opportunity,” she said. “As a Latina business owner in my community and in Pennsylvania, I know that there are a lot of strong women that do a lot and are very successful; so being recognized is very important to me.”  

When Zambrano’s daughter — who is now 21 years old — was two, she had a serious allergy issue. The school she was attending knew about it, but they weren’t careful. Even though Zambrano took the time to train the whole school staff and explain to them the importance of keeping her daughter’s EpiPen medication with her all the time; they continued to put her at risk. 

Zambrano knew she couldn't trust in any daycare, and that was when she realized there was a need in the market: a place for children to not only feel safe, but also loved and cared for.

The first Early Development Center was opened in Phoenixville, PA, in 2006; with the support of her husband and extended family. Zambrano bought the school from a previous owner who was ready to retire and gave continuation to it, as she fell in love with the school. 

A few years later, improvements in the building were made, making the capacity go from 62 to 100 kids. Then they opened a second school, and not long after, a third one. However, 2019 was when their biggest expansion happened: they opened six new centers. 

Their first group of children is graduating from high school this year, and Zambrano said they are still in touch — as they all live in the same community. “It's great seeing them all grown up and getting ready to go to college,” she added. 

The goal of the organization is to have 15 schools one day. Considering that they reached nine schools in less than three years, Zambrano's team is on the right track. 

For her, one of her core values of the institution is family. As a Latina from Venezuela, she said family is very important to her and she brings it to the schools. As a big family, they are together to support parents and staff, she added. 

“I think it’s a team effort in all areas,” she added. “I’ve had a lot of support and love that allows me to be the person that I need to be to support my team, the kids and the families that we serve.” 


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