Photo: Bram Naus/Unsplash
Photo: Bram Naus/Unsplash

Nonprofit organization in Delaware launches a Latino Leadership program for business owners

The new program will serve at least 50 early career Latino professionals in its first year.


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La Plaza Delaware, a nonprofit organization created to serve Latinos, has launched a new program to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs fund their new business.

The workshop will serve as a haven for Latinos in Sussex and New Castle counties who want to learn more about starting their own business

Individuals who are interested in the program will be able to take the 12-week program for free. Classes include creating business models, networking, marketing, and brand development.

The goal is to give Latinos the opportunity to grow their businesses and take advantage of all learning more in order to increase proper Latino representation in the country.

The new program recently received a $20,000 grant from poultry company Perdue Farms. The curriculum will be created by the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE).

“It is phenomenal that we are able to now empower so many in the Latino community up and down the state of Delaware,” Edwin Herandez-Vargas,  Community Outreach and Relations Chief for the Office of Lt. Governor said.

Hernandez-Vargas also stated another reason why the program is vital is to give more Latinos the opportunity to enter politics or become prominent leaders in Delaware.

“You have people who are at the executive level in boardrooms, and people listen to you," he said to Delaware Public Media. "Why do they listen to you? Because you’re there, because of your position. The Latino community in Delaware doesn’t necessarily have that.”

Delaware Hispanic Commission Vice Chair Rony Baltazar-Lopez stated that the program is also a great opportunity for Latinos to learn more about financial literacy for students and other young individuals.

“Younger people like myself have traditionally gained these skills through work but now through formal classes and this program, plus the grant subsidizing the cost, the money will be used to alleviate tuition for young individuals,” he said.

Although young Latinos are more than welcome to join in, organizers involved in the program are urging older immigrants to be a part of the opportunity.

For more information on La Plaza Delaware’s next leadership program session, check out their website.


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