Espacio Latino by the Roku Channel.
Users will be able to access thousands of hours of Spanish language content at no cost. Photo: News Newswire.

“Espacio Latino,” the new Spanish language offer from The Roku Channel

In addition to its original programming, this new space for Hispanic audiences will offer content from major studios and renowned production companies.


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The Roku Channel, one of the leading TV streaming platforms in the United States, announced the launch of a new segment of content aimed at Hispanic audiences in the country.

“Espacio Latino” is the new offer that The Roku Channel users will be able to access for free, a wide collection of programming aimed at Spanish speakers that includes hit movies, popular television shows, soap operas, news, and family entertainment in Spanish language.

According to Roku's internal viewing figures, by March 2022 close to 70% of Spanish-language households using the platform do not have pay TV and use The Roku Channel more than three days a week, which shows the great interest that exists for this type of content.

Initially, “Espacio Latino” will feature thousands of hours of programming, including original products and those from other studios, including popular titles in English dubbed and subtitled in Spanish. There will be more than 50 live channels in Spanish that will be offered through the platform, out of which 25 make their debut on The Roku Channel.

Espacio Latino featuring programming. Photo: Noticias Newswire.
Espacio Latino featuring programming. Photo: Noticias Newswire.

“The launch of Espacio Latino marks an exciting step forward in our efforts to create a unified Spanish language experience for millions of streamers to enjoy on The Roku Channel. Our team worked diligently with some of the most renowned content providers in the Spanish language space to create a robust lineup of top-tier telenovelas, sports, news, movies, TV series, and more for audiences to enjoy for free. We’re ecstatic to introduce Espacio Latino and can’t wait to continue creating a strong Spanish language entertainment experience on The Roku Channel,” said Ashley Hovey, Head of The Roku Channel, AVOD.

Wide Offer

“Espacio Latino” was joined by important business partners that provide a wide variety of popular content in Spanish. NBCUniversal Telemundo, Hemisphere Media Group, Cisneros Media, Canela.TV, The Weather Channel en Español, Eurochannel, Lionsgate, Cinedigm, A+E Networks, BBC Studios, Sony Pictures Television, Film Movement, Pantaya, EstrellaTV, Televisa Univision and beIN SPORTS, are some of the biggest names working to bring more premium content in Spanish language to The Roku Channel users.

Alan J. Sokol, President, and CEO of Hemisphere Media Group, stated:

As content providers, our goal is to meet viewers where they are, and this new partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver on our promise to bring high-quality, culturally relevant content to the Hispanic/Latino communities we serve.


Users can enjoy exclusive AVOD titles, live TV channels, Roku original shows, and premium subscriptions, including:

AVOD Titles

  • Hernan, starring Oscar Jaenada and Michel Brown (A+E Networks, Exclusive)
  • Hunting Ava Bravo, starring Kate del Castillo (Wild Sheep Content, Top Dead Center Films, Chollawood Productions, Exclusive)
  • A la Mala, starring Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochman (Lionsgate)
  • Enamorada, starring Gaby Espino and Rene Lavan (Cisneros, Exclusive)
  • Amor Comprado, starring Elizabeth Gutierrez and Marjorie de Sousa (Cisneros)
  • Seasons 1-3 of El Señor de los Cielos (NBC Universal Telemundo), starring Rafael Amaya and featuring Fernanda Castillo
  • El Chema: Edición Especial (NBC Universal Telemundo), starring Mauricio Ochmann
  • Seasons 1-2 of Señora Acero (NBC Universal Telemundo), starring Blanca Soto

Roku Originals

Roku Original titles will be available on “Espacio Latino,” including the recently launched series “Mamas,” narrated in Spanish by Zoë Saldaña. Roku's Spanish-language original production, “Natural Born Narco,” will debut on July 8.

Users subscribed to any premium subscription through The Roku Channel will have access to “Espacio Latino” content.

Configuration and Availability

“Espacio Latino” is available on The Roku Channel in the U.S. Audio and subtitle language options can be adjusted to user preference through your Roku device's settings in the home screen menu. Users can select Settings > System > Language to adjust their device language.

Users can easily find and access the offer by clicking the left button on their remote to activate the Roku channel home screen menu and selecting the "Categories" tab. Users can also enter the experience by clicking on the “Espacio Latino” tile on The Roku Channel's home page.

In addition to Roku devices, The Roku Channel is available on web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, and select Samsung TVs.

Advertising in “Espacio Latino”

The Roku Channel works with a wide selection of brands to bring engaging content to users for free, including the LEGO Group, which has signed on as a launch sponsor for “Espacio Latino” on The Roku Channel.

Additionally, this space features more ways for marketers to connect with viewers of Spanish-language content that are no longer found on traditional television.


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