Dexcom G7 family of products.
Monitoring glucose is easier with this tool. Photo: DexCom Inc.

FDA approved a new Spanish-Language mobile app for diabetics

The latest generation system can be used by people with all types of diabetes from two years of age.


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DexCom Inc., the world leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for people with diabetes, recently announced the approval of the new, next-generation Dexcom G7.

According to company data, the new mobile application offers a more powerful and easy-to-use system, all in one, completely redesigned and it does not require finger pricks or scanning. It also offers a set of customizable alerts that can warn of high or low glucose levels and help users stay longer in the appropriate range.

Kevin Sayer, chairman, president and CEO of Dexcom, stated:

There’s a reason Dexcom has the best-selling real-time CGM on the market. For more than a decade, we’ve pioneered generation after generation of sensing technology that consistently delivers improved accuracy, reliability and a simpler user experience, giving people greater control of their diabetes.

About the app

The system includes a predictive alert that provides 20-minute advance warning of potentially dangerous low glucose levels so users can act quickly to prevent a hypoglycemic event.

According to DexCom, this critical function continues to be at the forefront of the firm's expertise, with more than 52 million urgent low-level alerts promptly acknowledged, more than 11 million of them in the middle of the night.

Users can also share information with family members or caregivers, as well as care teams anywhere, anytime through industry-leading remote monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Considering that 11.8% of the adult Hispanic American population has been diagnosed with diabetes, the G7 mobile app will include Spanish language capabilities at launch, offering access to simple, accurate and accessible technology in their language to help them manage the disease.

“When we set out to design G7, our goal was simple: to make the most powerful, easy-to-use CGM available for people with diabetes, whether they have Type 1 or Type 2. G7 delivers squarely on that promise. And now that it has been cleared by the FDA, we look forward to making G7 commercially available in the coming months,” added Sayer.

DexCom emphasized that it is working closely with its insulin pump partners to integrate the DexCom G7 into current and future automated insulin delivery systems as quickly as possible.

DexCom Milestones

It is the number one and most reimbursed covered CGM on the market with one-third of commercially covered patients paying $0 out-of-pocket and the majority paying less than $40 per month.

It has three times more $0-paying patients than competitive CGM systems, and is currently reimbursed by more than 97% of private insurers, as well as Medicare nationwide, and Medicaid in 45 states.

The recently proposed rule change by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to expand access to CGM for more people with diabetes, including those not receiving insulin therapy, has the potential to provide millions more people in the U.S. access to DexCom CGM, so they can more effectively manage their diabetes.

DexCom expects to launch the app in the U.S. in early 2023.

To facilitate immediate access to G7 for as many users as possible, the company will have affordable cash payment options as the company changes the availability of G7 coverage.

For additional information on when it will be available in the U.S., click here.


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