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IncredibleBank launches the Spanish-language version of its website and its mobile banking application

It seeks to expand access to financial services for Latino communities.


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IncredibleBank recently announced the launch of the Spanish-language version of its website and mobile banking app, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to inclusion and communication with all people.

This important update, which allows them to connect with Spanish-speaking users across the United States and provide them with a seamless and personalized experience, is now available.

Leslie Osman, vice president of Marketing, noted in a press release:

Both the Spanish website and app are the result of meticulous translation efforts ensuring that the user interface, content, and functionality meet our Spanish-speaking customer expectations.

Community Engagement

IncredibleBank highlights the importance of ensuring accessibility to banking and financial services for all people.

“Users can now navigate through the platform with ease, search for products and services, and access informational resources in their native language,” added Osman.

With the launch of its website and mobile application in Spanish, its goal is to meet the needs of millions of Spanish-speakers and offer them an interactive and participatory platform that allows them to explore services and manage their finances.

"To ensure a smooth transition for our users, we have experienced Spanish-speaking employees who are available to provide support and assistance," said Todd Nagel, president and CEO.

About IncredibleBank

Based in Wausau, Wisconsin, this bank was awarded as one of the most innovative banks in the United States by the Independent Community Bankers of America in 2019.

With customers using its deposit and credit account services in all 50 states, plus their position as one of the nation's leading lenders for SBA loans, it is considered America's #1 online community bank. 

“Our philosophy of providing an incredible customer experience extends to our Spanish-speaking users, reaffirming our commitment that no other bank will treat you better,” concluded Nagel.

For the Spanish-language version click here.


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