Sorenson event at Las Vegas World Expo.
Inclusion for deaf and hard of hearing people. Photo: @Sorenson_Comm.

Sorenson expands its closed captioning services to higher education

An opportunity for universities in the United States and Canada to offer greater access and inclusion in communication.



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With the goal of providing broader access to inclusive communication for deaf, hard of hearing and diverse communities around the world, Sorenson, the language service provider, recently announced the expansion of its closed captioning services for use in North American higher education institutions.

Jorge Rodríguez, Sorenson CEO, stated:

Sorenson is a customer-centric company, and we will continually evolve to meet the diverse needs of our diverse communities. To become a more inclusive world, we need to offer real, accessible, and inclusive technologies.

This positive news, which comes as a new school year is about to start, arrives also thanks to the increasing demand for these services among colleges and universities looking for solutions to boost recruitment, enrollment, engagement, and graduation rates among higher education students and employees.

Necessary Tools 

With this new technology, Sorenson will now provide communication capabilities through on-demand captioning, which will include communication access real-time translation (CART) services, which will provide users — students, faculty and staff — with unique visual learning resources and language skills, as well as access to critical information that will enable them to learn, contribute, and thrive beyond the campus environment.

“The classroom is an important backdrop for true learning and human understanding. As a leader in innovative communication technology, we are connecting learners and teachers in various settings through the power of language – across signed, spoken, and written communication,” pointed out Rodríguez.


Beyond providing sign language interpretation and captioning tools as required by law to ensure “functionally equivalent” communication for deaf and hard of hearing people, Sorensen is committed to educational institutions and to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI+A).

Sorenson's latest closed captioning service includes CART and on-demand services, which will be tested in higher education and live learning sessions with different approaches, where they will support inclusive learning processes by offering real-time and closed caption options with experience in specialized course topics, which will increase understanding and accuracy of information.

“We’re urging colleges and universities to learn more about disability rights. That knowledge will inform them about ways they can enhance the experiences of their students, faculty, and staff. Implementing inclusive communication technologies can bridge languages and cultures, increase learning and understanding, and give participants the opportunity to transform their lives,” underlined Rodríguez.

About Sorenson

As one of the world's leading language service providers and the world's leading provider of accessible communication for the deaf and hard of hearing, Sorenson combines proprietary technology with human-centric services to connect spoken and signed languages.

Sorenson is the world leader in sign language interpretation, providing on-site, in-person interpretation, as well as remote or video sign language interpretation. In addition, it offers video broadcasting and captioning services for real-time events, as well as language post-production services.

Since 2011, Sorenson has provided telephone captions under its CaptionCall brand for the hearing-impaired who need captions to use the telephone effectively. Additionally, it is one of the largest private employers of deaf people in the United States.


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