Mexican actress Eiza González presents her new Tequila Casa Azul.
The actress joins the growing list of Hollywood stars to enter the world of spirits. Photo: Casa Azul.

Casa Azul's latest organic tequila is backed by Eiza González

The selling point for Casa Azul's new tequila is its organic make up.


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In an effort to expand its alcoholic beverage portfolio, Casa Azul, which was founded by self-described 'serial beverage entrepreneur' Lance Collins, unveiled three new tequilas after last year's successful launch of its tequila sodas. It did so alongside rising Mexican star Eiza González, who is an investor and the chief promoter in ad campaigns.

The tequilas — blanco, reposado and añejo — are made in Tequilas Las Américas, located in Amatitán, Jalisco, with the support of the Montes family, third-generation agave farmers turned distillers.

The new line of tequilas features zero additives and a single-farm approach to cultivation. The agave used in the distillation is grown exclusively in the producer's own fields, a procedure that is only achieved by less than 1% of tequila brands on the market.

Help from a star

Best known for her roles in hit films like Baby Driver, Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, and Ambulance, González has had a long deep affinity for luxury tequila, so when she decided to partner with Casa Azul, she was meticulous and intentional in selecting a brand that reflected her passion and connection to Mexican culture.

González said in a press release:

As a Mexican woman, tequila is a deep part of my culture and heritage. It was important to me not to be just another brand celebrity, but to partner with a family business that celebrates modern Mexico and gives back to my people.

The actress and official face of this new line, noted that the production of her tequila and the design of the brand are 100% Mexican and has USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certification as an organic and chemical free product.

According to Casa Azul and González, to make it, they use blue weber agave that has matured for six to seven years, which is baked in a stone oven over low heat for two or three days and fermented outdoors. It is then distilled twice in copper spiral stills before being bottled.

Promoting a friendly vibe and central aspects of Mexican culture, Casa Azul and González will also launch a multi-million dollar campaign inviting people to share real moments with real friends with the new tequila.

“Casa Azul honors the past but celebrates a modernity by embracing luxury, taking an uncompromising approach to artisanal production but embracing new consumers with an iconic blue bottle and through Eiza's deeply personal connection to tequila and Mexico. Genuine beauty is the result of hard work and respect for the process, and these values form the basis of this association,” highlighted Casa Azul.

Beyond González, the brand is sponsored by NFL tight end Travis Kelce.

The three kinds

So far, the brand has three different kinds of tequila, all 40% alcohol:

  1. Blanco — Aged for two to three months in stainless steel before bottling. The flavor has hints of herbs.
  2. Reposado — Aged two to three months in oak bourbon barrels. The agave is baked with hints of toffee and caramel.
  3. Añejo — Aged for 12 to 13 months in the same oak bourbon barrels. It has hints of ground pepper and toasted oak.

Caza Azul's tequila line will launch in select U.S. markets under the following names: Casa Azul Organic Blanco ($69), Casa Azul Organic Reposado ($89) and Casa Azul Organic Añejo ($129).


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